Baby Goes to the Bar {Wild Rose + Dandy Brewing}

Hi friends, how are ya? We’re just dandy over here <–haha, see what I did there??!! The week is just flying by and I think I’ve only blinked twice.

I wanted to share two local to Calgary breweries today because Wes and I recently visited both locations. You know, because that’s what you do when it’s rainy out. Take the baby to a bar. Or two. He was really well behaved and mama got to sample some new stuff, so it was a win for both of us.

The first place we headed to was Wild Rose Brewery. Tyler and I have been huge fans of their beers for quite some time now, but have never been to the taproom! (What the hell is wrong with us?!!) I was really excited to finally check it out, and definitely need to go back sometime with Tyler AND Wes so we can grab some grub in addition to drinks.


I grabbed one of the low top tables (i.e.- it’s kid friendly and they even told me they’ll be getting high chairs soon) and immediately ordered a pint of the collaborative beer they recently released. It was available at Beerfest earlier in the month, but I never got around to finding it!


I have been really into sour beers lately, and this one hit the spot. WR collaborated with Dandy Brewing Company and Fallentimber Meadery and the product was nothing short of delicious. I wish I could have stayed for another pint. Or two. Or three. The honey and ginger flavors are really present but not overpowering.

Ugh, my mouth is watering just typing this! I need to get back there ASAP.


I then opted to get a taster of the WR 500 Maibock. The flavors were really great and I would probably order it again BUT the Kettle Sour stole my heart from the get go.


I chatted with the bartender a bit and saw that they had a Pineapple Pale Ale and I asked to try it. Unfortunately, it was a cask that was not to be tapped until later that evening at a Brewmaster’s Dinner. Lucky for me, I somehow *wink wink* still got a taster of it and LOVED it. Again, I wish I knew about the dinner beforehand because I would have gone! $50 for a dinner paired with beer? Sign me up please and thank you.


Totally a great combination of fruity and hoppy.


I really loved the vibe of the tap room and the decor was pretty awesome as well. Soap box time: If anyone ever wants to grab drinks and/or food here with me, I’m all for it.



We even got to go behind the bar and have our picture taken in front of some of the tanks! Lucky us.


I was about to head home once we left Wild Rose, but something was calling my name. And that something just so happened to be Dandy Brewing Company. (Maybe it was that collaborative beer I just had…) It’s pretty much on the other side of town, but we got there relatively quick. Wes fell asleep just before we got there so the cat nap held him over for the rest of our excursion.


Dandy is a true Nano-brewery and produces small batch ales. I heard about them not too long ago and needed to get my hands on some of their stuff! Luckily, Tyler found their Oyster Stout on the shelves of our nearby liquor store, but I really wanted to try some of the other goodies they had to offer.

Since I was driving, I opted to get a few tasters and leave it at that. I went with a Black India Session Ale (A collaborative with Toolshed Brewery. I took a tour there a couple of weekends ago), a Nitro Stout, and a Sour.


Susie met up with us shortly after and sampled the brown ale which I took a sip of and DIED over. I loved my ONE SIP so much that I bought a growler of it to take home. Nom nom nom.


The tasting room is pretty small, but it has a nice cozy feel that I would love to return sans child again and enjoy a few drinks. Be on the lookout for these guys- I feel like they’re on to something with their beers. They are so damn tasty! I still can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that they’re located so far away from my house.

Have you tried Wild Rose or Dandy? If not, you need to!

10 thoughts on “Baby Goes to the Bar {Wild Rose + Dandy Brewing}

  1. Looks like a great way to spend the day! But you know what they say about a woman developing a sudden taste for sour? Isn’t that one of the early pregnancy signs? 🙂

  2. Pineapple beer sounds good except for the fact that my stomach hates pineapple. 😦

    I plan on going to Dandy on Saturday. And Village. And Wurst. If you’re free you should join.

  3. I love that your room Wes to some beer breweries! He looks like he was having fun and you were in your glory!! Almost makes me wish I liked beer!!

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