Two Little Beans & Co.

Well, we’re back in Calgary. I’m kinda sorta really bummed about it because I absolutely love being home in New York. My parents have a big house and huge yard for Wes to roam and it’s just such a nice breath of fresh air. Dare I say Calgary just isn’t doing it for me any more. It has been a huge challenge for me to 100% get into the different social scene and everything is just so dang expensive. Plus, there’s no Target here. Seriously.

Perhaps it’s the funk you get when you are back to reality. Which is the worst funk ever.



Before we even made the trip to New York, I got in touch with a small shop I found on Instagram that is based out of Maine. Two Little Beans & Co is run by Kristina, a mom of two boys who strives to create functional and durable items for baby and children. She loves using fabrics that are influenced by the Maine coast and incorporates bright colors and eco-friendly materials. From baby booties and bibs to superkid capes, each item is handmade with great care and attention to detail. When Kristina isn’t at her sewing machine, she can be found enjoying time with her family, practicing yoga, running and eating ice cream. (<— my kinda lady!!)

After a few messages back and forth, we agreed on a custom pair of grey leaf shorties. I had her mail them to my parents house so they would be there waiting for us when we arrived.


Mail in general is always exciting to open. Mail for Wes is even better. Especially when they are insanely cute clothes.


I wanted to get him in the shorties ASAP but the weather was hot hot hot and he was either in the pool or naked for the first few days of our trip. (Wish I could have done the same!)

It wasn’t until my birthday that I finally said to heck with it and put him in some clothes.


The shorties are super soft and fit him around the waist but aren’t too snug. He will grow into these for sure, so here’s to hoping we have warm weather that stretches well into September! If I’m lucky, he will even fit into these next summer. That’s probably a naive first-time mom comment, right? One can hope.



This little guy started walking around Father’s Day and only really got into it while we were in New York. It’s been so awesome to watch him literally walk around the house for HOURS. The poopy part is that he’s still not so sure about grass. We have crappy grass in our backyard so he hasn’t really been exposed to it. I tried my darnedest to have to walk on the grass while at my parent’s but it usually resulted in massive meltdowns.

Let’s just consider that a work in progress.



Grandmas are good at snuggling. And for making grass slightly more bearable.

I was tinkering with the idea of ordering a pair of booties as well, but opted against it since they looked so snuggly and I was under the impression it would be too hot for Wes to wear them this summer. Boy, was I wrong. I need to order a pair STAT so Wes can walk around this crappy Calgary weather and keep his foot nice and toasty!




I mean….c’mon. Handmade booties to go with the shorties? Also, what other word can i add ‘-ies’ to to make it sounds cuter? How about…I’m going to have a glass of winies when I get home from work tonight? Yeah, doesn’t work so well. I tried.



A HUGE thank you to Kristina for working with me to get these shorties. Don’t forget to check out her Instagram and Etsy Shop, so has so many cute options for babies and little kiddos!

2 thoughts on “Two Little Beans & Co.

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not loving it here still even though I don’t understand how you could not love it in Calgary. So much to see and do and eat and drink. I can’t get enough of that city. But maybe it’s just because I grew up in a hick town?

    You’re always welcome to come visit me or text me if you need to chat.

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