Let’s start with the facts: I am a stay at home mom that lives in workout apparel. There’s no bones about it. If I’m not lounging around the house in pj’s or still wandering around with sweaty leggings and a sports bra, then chances are I’m naked (in the shower. apparently just being naked in general isn’t super acceptable). 


On the rare occasion that I do get dressed, it’s a complete clusterf*ck of an ordeal going through my closet. I have, like, NOTHING. My jeans *cough cough* jeggings don’t fit right post-pregnancy, dresses don’t exist, and pretty tops are just completely out of my peripheral.


That’s why I’ve pretty much stuck with the basics- a few neutral tees, multi-purpose flats, and some leggings that are on ‘nice outings’ reserve. (Seriously tell me you are nodding in agreement with the fancy leggings bit). I’ve also relied on using accessories to dress up my basic outfits. Scarves and hats in the winter, cute jewelry and shades in the summer. It’s a pretty easy way to not have to spend a lot of cash but still be current with trends and somewhat fashionable.


Recently, I was contacted by the lovely people at JORD to see if I would be interested in one of their wood watches. My response? Obviously a giant HECK YES because not only are they gorgeous pieces, but a watch totally fits under my ‘wearable and makes me look cool’ style.


I chose the Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise and absolutely LOVE it. The wood is neutral so it could pair well with every outfit, and the pop of color is perfect to make it stand out just enough without being overly crazy.



That’s the great thing about watches. They’re a great functional accessory that pair well with just about every outfit. Not gonna lie, I hardly wear one now that I’m a Grade A Fitbit addict and have a sick tan line on my wrist to prove it; but I am so willing to create arm space for this watch on occasion when I need to be cool (not to be confused with being all uncool. That would be a RHONY reference, my friends).


Bonus: The watch arrives in the mail in a super cool wooden box. Packaging is EVERYTHING, people!



Another bonus with the JORD wood watch? It’s super lightweight. I don’t feel like I’m hauling a Mercedes Benz around on my arm. And it doesn’t clank to high heavens whenever I rest my arms on any surface.


I should have A) FLEXED in this photo, and B) adjusted my shirt. Whoops.

What more is there to say about them? Lots, I’m sure. But if I rambled on and on you’d probably stop reading. Instead, I urge you to check out their website and see the countless models and color options they offer (In addition to women’s watches, there are Men’s watches too!) PS: These make for a unique gift. I mean, how many times have you seen a wooden wrist watch?? So cool.

Before I go, JORD has allowed me to giveaway a $75 e-voucher to ONE lucky reader towards the purchase of one of their beautiful pieces. –> Click here to enter. <– Contest runs until 11:59pm on July 19th. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email.

Huge thanks to JORD for sending me this watch.. I freaking love it. Freaking.

Watches Made From Wood

8 thoughts on “JORD

  1. I had a wood frame watch, leather handle for a long time and really liked it. Analog watches are cool, and the wood puts it over the top. Some other comments, in totally random order. It is, for some. Lucky you. Yes, you’re right. You do. You should have. Confused?

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