Catching Up…Again

Oh man, I went a couple of weeks without any personal update. Seriously, time flies! I thought I’d try to check in real quick with basically a summarized photo dump of some of our happenings…

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I found a selfie stick at my parents house on one of our last days in New York and got obsessed with using it. And umm….I was the one that bought it for them last Christmas! I should have brought it home with me.


This kid was an absolute saint on our trip back to Calgary. The trip included a 6am flight with a 2 hour layover in Chicago and a long customs line. I really lucked out.


The weather in Calgary once we got back was pretty crappy, so I had to find a lot of indoor things to keep Wes occupied. We went to the library a few too many times.


But snuck in some quick trips to the park in between rain showers.


I’ve already made 3 batches of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies


Tyler completed the renovations on our house while Wes and I were in New York, so we had a TON of extra family time our first weekend back. It almost feels weird to have all three of us just hanging out. I love it.


This kid got in the hang of morning walks once the weather improved. Many mornings he would get antsy and ask for his shoes to be put on…even before he was dressed. I’m all for the PJ’s in public game, so I went with it.


He’s becoming a waterholic just like his mama


And splashing at the water table for hours on end.


I finally got him used to the grass by holding his hand to walk through it while he wore shoes.


And now he’s fascinated with grass.


And walking everywhere. And playing at every playground.


Meanwhile, I’m still drinking the beer. Haha. But seriously, add me as a friend on Untappd! I am slowly becoming obsessed with that app and I’m mad at myself for having stopped using it a long time ago. (username is jlinton)


I’ve also rekindled my love for guacamole. Hey- this post is starting to sound like a list of my current favorites? I’ll keep going..


And Wes has become more and more obsessed with reading his books. More specifically- reading his books while sitting on our laps.


And pushing his new lawnmower up and down the street until his little legs give out.


And Brewster’s just brought back their Gunther’s Hefeweizen which is out of this world fantastic.


Sunny weather= LOTS of long walks with the fur children.


And we have to master the art of distraction each night that I have to go to work. Tickling usually does the trick.


Still loving my Shakeology in the morning. Best way for a satisfying meal that is CHOCOLATE and helps reduce my bloat. You’re welcome for sharing.


I feel like there’s about infinity things more to share, but it would be a total word vomit series of posts. SO THE SOLUTION? First, keep reading what I do post (please!). Second, follow me on snapchat! My username is nutcaseinpoint 🙂


6 thoughts on “Catching Up…Again

  1. Woah when did Wes get so big? Bummed we missed the zoo date on Friday. August for sure!! Damn move is cramping my social life.

    What’s your fav shakeo flavour? Chocolate vegan and strawberry (not together but that might be good actually) are mine.

    Yay for house renos being done! Mine are about to start but they are simple things like light fixtures and paint. My marriage can’t handle major renos so good job!

  2. I just can’t get on board the Snapchat wagon. I can hardly handle the few social media channels I have going on right now… I’m sure I’d be obsessed in like 2 seconds too though and I can’t afford another time suck!
    Love seeing all these great photos though – Babies, Cookies, Beer… Some of my favorite things too!

  3. Tim is going WAY too fast these days! Awesome that Tyler is done renos!! Water tables are the best investments for kids in the summer! I fill Avery’s up with bubbles too and she loves it.

    • I didn’t but I’ve read countless testimonials of those who did and never experienced adverse effects. Plus, I’ve read up on it that the ingredients shouldn’t be harmful. If there are any health concerns, I’d consult a doctor first!

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