Brewsing 10/27/16

Well, vacation is over. Which means this is the last week of fun new-to-me American beers. I did manage to pack quite a bit to bring back with me- although most of it is to share with others. At least that’s the intention. PS: One of the bottles broke in my suitcase so THAT was fun.

  • Boulevard Brewing Co. Funky Pumpkin:Β I was actually expecting this to be a cluster*ck of weirdness, but it was good! Ice cold, it tastes more like a pumpkin spice cider but once I got towards the end and it warmed up, I could pick up the ale undertones. Definitely a fun one to add to a pumpkin beer tasting lineup!
  • Notch Brewing Infinite Jest: Holy moly I really loved this one. A wheat beer with some hop notes. A perfect combination for an enjoyable drinking ale.
  • Bent Water Brewing Co. Thunder Funk: I solely got this one because of the name and to be honest, that’s all that was good about it (for me!) It was way too bitter and I couldn’t get past the aftertaste to enjoy it.
  • Druthers Harvest Apple Ale: I had this one at Amy’s rehearsal dinner and it was tasty! A bit too much intense apple/cinnamon flavor to have more than one which is why non-beer lovers might like this one. πŸ˜‰


This was my favorite night of the week…well, except for the wedding because that was the bomb dot com. But in terms of beer, it was goo-oo-oooood.

  • UFO Pumpkin- Man, this was a good one. Unfiltered with a slight lingering pumpkin flavor. Easy on the spice which made it a good pairing with the pizza I also ordered.
  • Allagash White-I have no idea how I’ve never had this beer before. It was a DELICIOUS white ale that hit the spot with an appropriate citrus note. Again, good with beer πŸ˜‰
  • Shipyard Pumpkinhead- yeah, yeah, you guys have seen me post about this beautiful beer before and I couldn’t resist getting it on tap. Cinnamon sugar rim for the win.



And to round out the week, I swung by Common Roots on my last night to pick up some cans to go but managed to stick around for a pint of their weekly cask. This one was the Beta IPA conditioned with mango and I wouldn’t be sad if I never had it again. Just WAY too bitter for my liking. No qualms against them for playing around with a cask though! There’s always hits and misses.

That’s all for this week! I’m not sure what (if any) beer I’ll have to share next week…guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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