Weekly Photo Dump

Wait wait wait, I think I said I’d start doing a bit better by actually writing things rather than photo dump. BUT GUESS WHAT?? Here we are, and I have no time for words. Just photos. Maybe some words…scroll on to see what we’ve been up to over the past week!



Last Monday was our lat night in New York. We hung around most of the day before heading out to a delicious dinner that included GUAC. One of Wes’s tricks includes going into downward dog every time I ask him to do yoga. Good kid.


The tacos weren’t anything to write home about, but the guac was the bomb dot com. And man do I miss home now that the city has been revamping itself over the past few years. It has such a great some town feel. And mom and dad.





Tuesday morning Wes and I headed back to Calgary. He did great throughout both flights- slept through the first one then patiently snacked and played for the second. Plus, we were back home by noon so it made for a relatively painless trip while still having some of the day to enjoy.





Home! I missed it a bit.


And in true family fashion, we headed to Costco to stock up on all the staples. (How Tyler lives on takeout while I’m gone I’ll never know. I.Can’t.Do.That.)





Reunited with his best friend. I can tell Layla missed Wes. Reggie, though…not so much. He is a pain in the butt beagle that needs all the attention!



Back home means I’m back to baking.



I’m a terrible memory-making parent because I haven’t purchased any Halloween decor for the house, so we made a quick trip to the store to grab just a couple of things to get in the spirit. To be honest, I don’t think Wes will remember Halloween this year, so it’s mostly for the pictures…but again, terrible parent over here because I’m putting him in the same costume as last year.




I made some homemade granola which I’ve been using for my latest yogurt bowl obsession. It’s the best batch of granola I’ve made- simple and tasty. Wes loves it too!


This colder weather is making it a bit challenging for me to come up with activities for us to do during the week. We can’t go for walks as much (uhhhh it SNOWED on Friday), there’s only so much mall-walking that’s tolerable, and he’s still a bit too small to really participate in toddler classes. So….we headed to the library! I’ll have to trek back into Calgary to visit our old library because it’s so much bigger and newer and nicer than the one now closest to us..



My new gym membership started this week! I’m really excited to start taking all these new classes and figuring out which I like best. The facility is brand new and super cool WITH FREE CHILDCARE so I’m all HEYYYYYYYY.

The first class I attended was called Pound Light Show. We used drumsticks for the entirety of the class and the black light/disco ball was on making it for a really fun and high-energy atmosphere.



I came home from the gym to find this guy in his jammies and cabin booties! Funny kid.


Saturday was one of those days where we blinked and it was over. I know Tyler and I both long for the weekends to come because it means a tad more sleeping, lounging, and family time. I picked up a day shift at work and once I was done and Wes was up from a super long nap, we headed out to a couple of breweries. Because that’s how we roll. Then pick up pizza on the way home.


I’ve realized that we’ve spent so much money on furniture (not including the couches pictures above..those are some oldies we’re hanging on to until we find new stuff) and we all mostly sit on the floor. Whattheheck.



BROWNIES. I finally made the most perfect brownie that is super easy to make. It’s fudgy and perfect. Only trouble is that I want to eat the whole pan of them ASAP.

Ok, so….TOMORROW I’ll be checking in again and sharing some of my latest favorites! Please don’t forget to stop by and check them out.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Dump

  1. The sole Halloween costume item I’ve bought for Swede for three years running is the cat ears headband, so I’m right there with you in “bad mom” territory. Also – Zero decorations and we’re going to turn off our porch lights tonight to discourage trick-or-treaters, Haha.

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