Weekly Photo Dump

Whoa, Halloween was a week ago already? Last week marked my first full week attending classes at Oranj fitness (more on the studio to come!) and I have been loving them. I’m still trying to take a ton of different classes to see which I like best and what I can fit in my schedule: It’s been everything from tabata to bootcamp to kickboxing to hot barre…. the list goes on!

I’ve also been really loving that they offer free childcare so I made sure to dress Wes a bit festive for the occasion..


(Pants: Munchkin & Sprout Creations)


I actually had Wes wear his pumpkin costume that I got for him last year. He was still teeny tiny then and we didn’t go trick or treating, so it was money well saved. He had a blast going from house to house collecting candy and waving to the people as we left. I managed to stay out with him for an hour before it got dark and chilly out.



Most of the houses in our neighborhood have young kids, so tons of houses just left buckets of candy on their porches. It sorta defeated the purpose of the evening, but for Wes it was still exciting!




He used my trick or treat bag from when I was little!




The dogs kept a close eye on our candy sorting.




Bath time is fun time! Especially to warm up after a nippy walk around the block.


^^^ 1-800-GRUMP. Man oh man was he fussy that day. It stinks when it’s too cold to go outside (cough cough SNOW) so we really only went to the gym and ran a bunch of errands. Cabin fever is a really stinker when you’ve got a crank pants toddler.


Getting ready for Thanksgiving!


(Dino pants: Munchkin & Sprout Creations)

Friday after the gym we went to the Airdrie Christmas Market. It was pretty small, but there was some neat vendors and I managed to get some early Xmas gifts.


Luckily, there was a playground nearby so we stretched our legs outside a bit.










Saturday morning we were up and at ’em early and headed down to Bowness Park for a mini family photo shoot! Our photographer sent us a sneak peak and I am anxiously awaiting to rest. It was cold out which made for a bit of a challenge when trying to keep Wes happy, but I think it went really well and we ended up having a lot of fun with it.


I’m hoping to check back in again this week to share some beer…or some other goodies? Who knows. See you then!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Dump

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the new gym! I feel torn there are so many different workouts and gyms I want to go to and not enough time or money! lol
    I love your photo, I follow her on IG and love her photos!

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