From the Week

Hi there, ho there! I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I checked in last! I have so many things I want to share with you guys but it seems the hours and days just zoom on by and here we are.


Can I just comment on how much I hate these carts? I prefer the ones with just the one deep basket…mostly to contain a wriggly toddler.


[Toque from Northern Love Knits]



Wes is preferring to lay against me more often than not and I can’t complain one bit.

[Raglan from Pint Size Wardrobe]


I have to bring Wes to the day home at 2pm so I can get to work for 3pm (only on Mondays!) but it’s in the middle of his nap time. As much as I hate waking him, I absolutely love going into his room and sneaking a few minutes of watching him sleep.


Perk of working event with catered pizza= FREE PIZZA. So good.




Toddler Time at the library ended with a brief session of using chalk on the walls. Every mother in the room cringed in the dreaded anticipation of similar actions being done at home.

[Raglan from Pint Size Wardrobe; Harems from Portage and Main]



We met Tyler at the mall since I needed to pick up a few things and this kid ended up eating a ton for dinner! (Again, I cringe at all the fast food, but he was having so much fun with it)


Wednesday was a long day. We did our usual morning trip to the gym then headed WAYYYYY down south in Calgary to visit Brie. Wes was a trooper the entire trip.


[Beanie from 4 Fold Threads; Hoodie from Finn & Grin; Leggings from Wylo & Co; Moccs from Petit Mod]


Wes and Sully ran back and forth for what seemed like forever and had so much fun! Plus, we got to meet the new baby too. Blurry shots are a result of extremely fast running.




I rewarded myself with a decent haul from Thumbprint that night.


Thursday Wed continued to finish up some Valentines Day cards.



And once we were back from the gym, it was back to being naked. His favorite thing lately is to be naked (can’t say I blame him).





But I did bundle him back up to join me in the backyard while I picked up poop. Actually, first we went around the neighborhood in his sled. *I* wanted to go back inside, but Wes was pretty content, so then we went out back.






He did a pretty good job at pointing out all the poo for me to pick up.



Fridays. Oh, Fridays. I’d like to think they are lazy mornings since I don’t have to teach until 10:30 so those are the mornings we get to hang in our jammies a bit longer.



The weather was significantly warmer so we took another walk around the block.

[Beanie from Wild Roots & Co; Leggings from Little D Threads]







I made my favorite ‘salad’ to snack on for dinner before getting to work. Bacon + brussel sprouts= YUM.


Did I mention I love my jobs? Friday mornings I teach a bootcamps class, the next two evenings I work in a brewery taproom and the following day I work in a craft beer store. So cool.


Saturday while we had guys sealing our basement for radon, I opted to walk the dogs. We haven’t had too many warm days that allow me to take them for any decent stretch, so I knew it was a good opportunity. Minus the several ice patches the three of us slid over.


I took this picture of Wes before leaving for work and he has since dropped the need to hold onto the rails. He’s so strong and makes several trips up and down! Mom moment: He threw a whole loaded of laundry into a basket, pushed it down the hall, loaded it into the washer and closed the washer door. Let’s see how long that happy chore lasts!


I got out of work early so I met with Susie at Cold Garden. I knew I didn’t really care for their beer, but the taproom recently opened so I had to at least try it out. And yup, I still don’t care for the beer. And the place is way to hipster for me!



And true to form, no pictures from Sunday. BUT- follow me on Instagram if you don’t already! I post to my IG stories on the regular.

5 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. The pictures of Wes standing in the cart make me so nervous! Haha, I just know that Amelia would go tumbling out if I ever let her do that. That’s fun that you got a chance to visit with Brie and her kids 🙂

  2. Your jobs sound perfect for you!

    I like those carts for when I had a toddler and a baby in a carseat so I still had a part to put the groceries into! Otherwise I don’t like having kids ride in the shallower parts.

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