From the Week

Is it bad that I hardly remember anything from this past week? I can only really go off of what pictures I managed to take, and this week was majorly slacking. So let’s see..

Monday: Cookies. Tyler stayed home from work because I was originally supposed to have an outpatient procedure done, but it was cancelled last minute. Because of the extra set of hands around the house, I was able to instead get to one of my favorite circuit classes at the gym and come home to make stupidly buttery cookies afterward.

I also worked the afternoon shift at the brewery and dropped Wes off at a day home for the first time ever. He will only be there for two hours on Mondays so it’s nothing crazy, but I still feel like a piece of me is missing with him there.


Tuesday: Toddler Time at the library followed by a Hot Yoga Barre class. The rest of the day was low key before I headed to training at my newest part-time gig (WOOHOO!)





{Beanie: Wild Roots and Co; Hoodie: Goose Loves Lamb; Leggings: CD & Bree}



^ I redeemed a free smoothie card at the gym and let Wes have it. Kiddo is obsessed with smoothies EVEN IF there is kale and avocado in it!

And we did a small bout of painting before having to leave for work. It wasn’t messy at all, I swear.


Wore my newest toque from Northern Love Knits! Wes has a matching one as well 🙂


And I am also slowly increasing my craft beer shirt wardrobe. Latest is from Thumbprint Craft Beer Market here in Airdrie.


Wednesday: Smoothies. This time: NAKED.




Oranj was celebrating their 9th birthday so all classes for two days were complimentary. Along with free child care and smoothies! I took another circuit class and let Wes handle the smoothie afterwards.


{Toque: Northern Love Knits; Hoodie: Finn & Grin; Leggings: Pint Size Wardrobe}


I cut out some of Wes’s artwork to decorate for Valentine’s Day..


Thursday: I was on the schedule to teach a Total AMRAP class for the second day of the birthday celebration. I was super excited to potentially have a packed class but also a bit nervous since I could also be the first experience many new members might have at the studio. Luckily, I had 7 in attendance and absolutely knocked the class out of the park. I loved my playlist and I loved how I designed that class…to kick their butt!

But who cares about the class when most of my pictures are really of Wes and what he’s wearing..


{Travel Blanket: Dot Boxed; Leggings: Hazelberry & Co; Tee: Portage and Main; Beanie: East of Embers}




I won’t even mention that it was -20 or so outside and he was insistent on walking the loop being our house. About halfway through is when he realized how cold his hands were getting and had an epic meltdown which resulted in immediate run home and snuggle/nap in his crib.


Friday: Calls for more black and white!

I taught my regular 10:30 AMRAP class, made a run to Walmart, then did a pilates workout & got ready for work while Wes napped.


{Blanket: Rollo Towel Co; Leggings & Beanie: Finn & Grin; Sweatshirt: Live Love North}


Saturday: We headed to Telus Spark for the first time to see how Wes would like it. Turns out he did, and he had fun running from activity to activity for about 2 hours straight.






{Tee: The Lucky Pineapple; Leggings: Rebel & Heart}



I got called off work that night, so we watched The Arrival at home once Wes went to sleep.

Sunday: I worked at Thumbprint for a good portion of the day. No pictures because: work.

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. I love those last few outfits!! Arrows!! And those m&m cookies are totally sugar free right??
    Telus Spark looks like fun! I’ll have to check it out one of these bitterly cold days!

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