From the Week

You guys, this was a CRAZY busy week.

Monday started off with me only getting to spend a few minutes with Wes before dropping him off at childcare. I went right to the gym for a circuit class then headed to work until 7:30 pm. LONG DAY.



^That Teddy was renamed ‘Owie’ since I had to reattached his leg a few times.

{Leggings from Wylo & Co}



Tuesday was another doozie. We had Toddler Time at the library, then it was back to the gym for a new Hot 360 class.

Later that afternoon, I worked an event for the Chamber of Commerce. Aka: I got to give out free samples of beer!





{Toque: Dolls & Dudes; Sweatshirt: Surfing Ninjas; Leggings: Little D Threads}



Wednesday we went to the gym for another circuit class then I quickly headed home for lunch before heading back to Oranj to teach three huge groups of elementary school kids some fitness!

That.Was.Exhausting. (but fun!)

A few hours later, I headed back YET AGAIN to teach my first PUMP class!


{Shirt: Lucky Pineapple; Leggings: Little D Threads}


{Raglan shirt: Pint Size Wardrobe}


Thursday wasn’t so terrible- We went to Oranj for an aerobics class then headed home to hang out for a bit before I had to head back and teach my new Triple Threat Tabata class.

I attempted to take a bath and relax but someone had other plans..

PS: Bath truffles from Bubbles And Balms are quite possibly the best invention ever. The bubbles in my baths last infinitely longer and the different scents are absolutely heavenly. Even better part? My skin is luxuriously soft for the following 24 hours. That’s right, I said it: luxuriously soft.



Friday morning I taught my Total AMRAP class then quickly got ready to head down to work at the brewery. It ended up being pretty busy so it helped pass the extra few hours I was there even quicker!


{Beanie: Wild Roots & Co; Romper: Vi & Jax; Mocs: Petit Mod}




I may have also managed to bake a batch of cookies before work. Whoops.


Seriously, whoops.


Saturday I got up super early to squeeze in a home workout before getting dressed and ready for Wes’s Sportball class at Genesis Place.

I tried to snap a photo of my newest Colt and Lala necklace and managed to get this cute photo of Wes and Layla in the background! (Ps: Check out this local mama’s shop for some great teething necklaces- she may even help you out with a custom order!)



{Sweatshirt: Little D Threads; Leggings: Munchkin & Sprout}



I had to leave for the brewery right after Sportball and spent the rest of the day working. Best part though? Coming home to Carne Asada Steak Tacos made by the hubby. And beer. Lots of good beer.



Sunday was a crazy F-ing morning. Couple daylight savings time with an early FIRST swim class at Genesis place, plus having to pack my lunch and change of clothes to leave straight from swimming to head to work at the beer store……phew.

Three jobs is hard. I love it, but when I a trying to juggle all of those things with my own workout attendance and multiple activities for Wes I just get so darn burnt out. Never mind any household duties. And the poor doggies (and hubby?) are getting neglected. I need to sort my shit out soon so it balances a bit better.

But Wes really loved the swim class…the facility has a whirlpool lazy river. What the what. It was so much fun (although I didn’t totally love my new mom one-piece suit)


{Beanie: Pint Size Wardrobe}


Oh right, and the week was even harder because Tyler had hand, foot and mouth disease. GROSS, right? I had to take on most of Wes- related things, but ensure that all surfaces were cleaned at all times. Boo.

7 thoughts on “From the Week

  1. Can you come give our free samples for my Chamber?! haha That is where I work in RD 🙂 You are teaching so many classes! I think everything will balance out for you, How many classes a week are you teaching?

  2. Not sure how you juggle it all! My brain would be ready to combust trying to keep it all straight lol.

    Are you sure Tyler has/had Hand Foot and Mouth? It’s a highly contagious disease so I’m surprised he would be out in public if he had it (you shouldn’t leave the house for at least 1-2 weeks)…plus, chances are high all three of you would be infected by now.

    And hey! No shame in a once piece! There are some super cute and fashionable ones out there now. Plus, lots of the mom’s I see in swim classes still wear two pieces…

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