Small Shop Love (& DISCOUNTS!)

Hey guys! WHOA. Do I have some good stuff to share with you today! (and pay attention- there will be discount codes!!) There are quite a few small shops that I have loved working with lately and I just wanted to highlight some of them here today. Supporting these shops is pretty important since I know where my money is going and can ensure that the product has much more care put into it.

First up- Bubbles & Balms. Yep- you’ve seen these guys here (and here) before and I am obsessed with their stuff. I only wish I could go through soap faster so that I can get more frequent orders in.



My current favorites are the bath truffles, Babe’s First Cold bath bombs and Timeless Beauty.

I could go on and on about each of the items individually, but let’s just say that Wes sleeps like a champ after using his bath bombs, my face is smooth as Wes’s butt now that I routinely use Timeless Beauty (2x a day..and generously since it’s so dang dry here!), and bath truffles make for the most luxurious baths ever.



I’ve started using this linen spray on our sheets and boy is it a literal dream getting into bed every night.

BONUS: All of you readers can score 10% off your order with Bubbles & Balms by using the code ‘nutcaseinpoint’. Code expires on March 17th, so get to it!


Marching right on into the next shop…

Pint Size Wardrobe. Just about the greatest mama behind this baby/toddler apparel shop! Sabrina is so quick to respond, will accommodate custom orders, and she’s just a peach to talk to. Doesn’t hurt that the clothing she makes is top notch 😉 I am the queen of broken records because I’ve already chatted about her here, too!



She has actually expanded her product line to include raglan tees, dresses and a variety of short styles that come in a wide range of colors and patterns. I’ve got my eye on these harem shorts!



I actually just received a few more custom pieces from Sabrina and can’t wait to share photos of them with you!

ANOTHER BONUS: Save 10% on your Pint Size Wardrobe when you use the discount code ‘WES10’ at checkout.

And since we live in the Arctic Tundra (at least that’s what it feels like these days..) I NEED to include the wonderful little Etsy shop Northern Love Knits.



Wes and I got matching toques from Alicia and I am so happy with them! Granted, I was the pain in the butt customer who kept going back and forth with my color and pattern choices, but…they turned out so great! Now if only I could get Tyler behind the camera to take photos of us in them TOGETHER. #nevergonnahappen



These babies have been keeping our noggins warm through those super chilly nights (-34!!!!) so they couldn’t have come at a better time.

And I think I might need to snag a braided ear warmer for walking the dogs in the now slightly-not-so-freezing weather.


BONUS TIME AGAIN: Save 10% on your Northern Love Knits order by using code ‘NUTCASEINPOINT’

But wait, there’s more!

Vi & Jax is a fabulous shop based out of Strathmore, AB. Last year, we got to review her Oxford mocs which were just about the cutest things ever.


This year, we received the comfiest and softest romper ever! (No seriously, I want way more of these)




It was honestly made so well- there aren’t any snaps so he just steps right into it! Usually when that’s the case, the neck stretches  out a bit, but this one kept its shape.



The pocket was a cute little detail and there is plenty of slouch in it to allow him to grow quite a bit in it.


AND HERE’S YOUR BONUS: Head on over to Vi & Jax’s shop (it reopened TODAY!) and use code ‘friends’ for 15% off your order!

Last one you guys. I promise. Wild Roots & Co. Yet another small shop I share the heck out of because Jordana makes some of the nicest quality scarves and beanies! This shop is a repeat feature since I posted about her shop here when we received the gorgeous cosmetic bag.


Since then, we’ve purchased twinning scarves and some beanies! Again, great quality stuff and I just love to support other local mamas out there. (now if only i could figure out what *I* could sell?!!)



^anchor beanie AND stripe scarf!


Yup, definitely can’t handle the cuteness.

Jordana is gradually extending her line and JUST posted a sneak peak of some spring/summer shorts that should be launching soon. I cannot wait to get my hands on a few pair…for Wes.

AND THAT BONUS: When shopping at Wild Roots & Co, using promo code ‘NCIP10’ for 10% off your order. Offer is valid until the end of March.

Be sure to check out all of these shops- I promise you won’t regret it!


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