Casual Bump Style with Cadenshae

Well, hello!

It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve checked in and for that, I’m so sorry! This whole social media thing can get challenging when there are now so many different platforms! Blogging generally takes the most time, so I’ve resorted to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat for an easier way to connect.

But have no fear! I am making it a point to more regularly post now that summer is coming to a close. [Heck, that’s probably another excuse I could provide..I’ve had a few house guests, been growing a human, and have just been enjoying the warm weather with my little guy. And maybe napping.]

Today I wanted to make my return by highlighting a pretty cool piece of clothing I’ve been able to get my hands on for this pregnancy. To be honest, I actually got it a few months ago, but A) It was so HOT out I couldn’t get myself to wear it, and B) I didn’t have a super noticeable bump for the longest time and really wanted to be able to showcase it!


Which brings us to September..I am in my third trimester and seriously bumping. Combine a supersized tummy with colder weather, and it can pose some serious wardrobe issues. I mean, I have my fair share of chunky sweaters, but I can only handle the hipster/boho so much. Or ‘real’ clothes for that matter I’m more of an athletic wear person (teaching 4 group exercise classes a week + being an avid worker-outer will do that) <–do you like my wordage there? Sounds so sophisticated, I know.

So where was I going with this? Ah- earlier this year I connected with Stephanie Kozina, the owner of Ella Bella Maternity & Nursing Boutique in Calgary and after chatting for some time, she kindly sent over this beautiful Cadenshae Casual Breastfeeding Hoodie for me to try out.


I instantly nerded out because not only do I love that it’s a solid grey (#basic), but the zippers that allow for easy nursing are so discreet I can totally wear it all the damn time if I wanted!

This is my second pregnancy and yet it’s the first and only nursing-designated piece of clothing. I basically stayed home with Wes at all times and walked around the house shirtless until winter came rolling around. Yikes! This babe will be a bit different as he’s due in November and I’ll have quite a few chilly months ahead of me AND I anticipate teaching back at the gym shortly after he’s born.


So yeah, this hoodie is pretty much PERFECT.

It’s thin enough to stay cool with a warm babe on your chest. Plus it can easily be layered under vests and jackets. There’s really just so much winning going on with this item I can’t even stand it.


If you’re not in the Calgary area, don’t worry! You can shop Ella Bella online (they are one of only two stockists of Cadenshae in Canada) and all orders $75+ ship free to Canadian and US addresses!

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