Winesday Wednesday 7/1/15

Happy Winesday Wednesday AND Happy Canada Day! All the more reason to drink.


I don’t really have anything new to share. Womp, womp. I know. I had a Wild Rose Wraspberry Ale¬†on the patio on Friday. I had a Grizzly Paw Beaver Tail Raspberry Ale in Canmore with lunch on Saturday, a glass of Seven Deadly Zins before bed, and a Stiegl Radler while trying to sunbathe on Sunday.




PS: There is nothing like a cold beer in the mountains. Anyone want to join me next time? I won’t bring the baby so we can drink more.

Sounds like a lot now that I really thing about it. Whatever. I think it took me like 3 hours to finish that glass of responsible of me.

Michael sent me a pic of more goodies this week:


Bell’s Oberon Ale (a wheat ale! Yum!) and MacMurray Ranch pinot noir (one of my current favorite type of reds!)

And my friend Amy sent me an article about a Keurig-Like Machine That Will Make the Perfect Cocktail. I think I would need this after I’ve had one or two drinks because I usually don’t care about ratios at that point and mixed drinks end up a mess. Anyone want to send me one? Thanks.

I’m off to get ready to celebrate Canada Day, hope you all have a good one!