I went for a run OUTSIDE yesterday, and I ran FAST. Like, it was the first run I have done outside in Calgary where I didn’t feel like I was about to pop a lung. Or die. So YAY for me!

I also was hard at work in the kitchen yesterday morning, making a cake for my birthday boy.


I had to stick that puppy in the fridge so it wouldn’t fall over!

In the mean time, I took the birthday girl over to the pet store for some goodies. Once we got back, she wanted a photo op with all her loot.


Cutie patootie!

Once Tyler got home, I surprised him with all of his goodies. Photo op yet again!


I wanted to get him all jacked up and excited for his birthday, but it didn’t work out so well. I am so over-giddy about birthdays, that I am usually jumping and clapping all day, and Tyler is pretty much the opposite. I still tried, though!


Lots of fun goodies!

The cake was by far my favorite part. I was so excited all day for him to see what I made! We stuffed ourselves with dinner, so he didn’t really want any cake, but I kept pushing it, because I wanted him to see why I was so excited for it. He eventually caved..


I let Tyler blow out the candles. If Layla was in charge, she would have just stuck her nose in it, sneezed, and ruined the whole thing.


5 layers of different shades of purple covered in gold icing! Aka: The Vikings colors- his favorite football team.


How awesome is that?


Today we are getting out furnace/hot water tank replaced, and the water is OFF. No shower, no nothing until they are done. It’s gonna get smelly up in here!