I have a shirt that reads: ‘Yay Clea”v”age!’

Let’s play catch up.

Last night, I had the urge to do my hair and put on makeup. Here’s what happened;

I was wearing my ‘Yay Cleavage!’ shirt (there is no ‘V’, but the V-cut of the shirt substitutes for the missing letter.)

Once Tyler got home, we went go get pizza and wine for a nice night in.

We got Pizza from Panago

I didn’t realize it until just now, that I might have had that little reverse camera function on my iPhone, because I also had this picture:


I got the Panago classic. It had pepperoni, Canadian ham, black olives, red onions and mushrooms

And Tyler got the Genoa Classic with Salami, Green and black olives and goat cheese

We paired out eats with two bottles of red wine from Australia. Both were really good. First, we had Firestick

It was really light on the palate and tasted great with the pizza.
Second was Deakin Estate.

It was also a great wine, but a little too sweet to enjoy with our meal (that’s why I save it until after I finished my pizza! Yum yum) I never really buy Australian wines, but these have made the list, and I recommend them.

This morning’s first task was Costco! It was all too easy to drop $200 there. (Especially when a package of chicken breasts was like $40 million. I should have won that lottery back in the states, then I could have bought two packs of chicken today. I would have felt like the luckiest girl in the world)

I hadn’t eaten anything before, so by the time we got home, I had the jitters and needed food. Pronto. Good thing I bought TWO big jars of almond butter! Yum yum in my tum tum. And medjool dates. And veggies. Lots and lots of veggies.

So, bfast started off looking like this:

A whole grain bagel with almond butter and fruit salad (strawbs, naners and oranges)

But then I sat down, and this is what happened:

Somehow the bagel was consumed and there was a bowl of melted chocolate sitting next to the fruit. I only assumed it was meant for me to dip the fruit in. So dip the fruit I did. And it was good. (Ok, it didn’t just appear. I melted the chocolate. Perhaps it was because we bought a 78 lb. bag of chocolate chips at Costco. This girl likes her chocolate.)

After bfast was consumed (at lunch time) and emails/texts were exchanged with some of my best gals, Tyler and I joined Joe and Twyla to take our gaggle of dogs our for a walk. We went to a park near the Bow River. All the dogs were off leash, except mine because she’s an idiot and looks for an escape, and I was not about to chase her dodging moving vehicles. Nope.

Layla really loves rolling around in the river. She even puts her whole head under the water.

It was a really nice walk. Once we left the little park area, we headed around some pathways that followed the river.

Hopefully it tuckered out this little model of a pup. Apparently, she thought she was too good for the camera.

I finally got her to look at me, though

Now, I just gotta squeeze in a little workout before getting myself presentable for dinner and a lacrosse game at the Saddledome


See ya later!