Most random post. Ever.

Who would have thought an unemployed lady like myself would be too busy to blog? Crazy, I know. But when you spend your morning on the phone with insurance companies and your afternoon having coffee and window shopping, the day tends to get away from you.

Last night’s dinner was a find-what-you-can-in-the-fridge-and-make-a-meal-out-of-it kinda dinner.

Quinoa, broccoli, pepperoni and marinara sauce.

I also made these brownies that I found on Hungry Hungry Hippie. I tweaked them a bit, and they came out ok, but I’ll take the super unhealthy homemade brownies I normally make over these. Doesn’t hurt to try though! And now I have chocolate almond milk in my fridge, so I’m not complaining!

If you notice, my picture is not nearly as nice. Ah well, it cured the chocolate fix I was craving.

After watching Survivor (haha, Tarzan had poop stains on his underwear) we watched the first two episodes of American Horror Story. Yup, bad idea. I woke up screaming in the middle of the night. I couldn’t fall asleep afterwards. I’m such a sissy. I need to man up. I’m getting heart palpatations just thinking about it. I’m determined to watch the whole season. I will just have to give up sleeping in the dark for a bit. Hey, I’ve got free daytime hours anyways.

No pictures from today yet, but I can paint you a picture:

Wearing sweats (daily uniform. God, I’m starting to get really disappointed with my shoddy appearance), got my hair re-done (thank you LOTS Sadie!) and went to coffee in Cochrane with Sadie and Kate. What did I order, you ask? The answer: Irish Cream coffee and a fruit scone. On the way home, I picked up some groceries. (Decided to give Oikos a try. Holy crap couscous is over $4?! You want HOW MUCH per pound of zucchini?!!)

Let me just slide in a little fun fact. It’s about one of the only things I am currently giddy about. I have had the same tank of gas for 35 days. You’d think I was under house arrest or something. I just drive to the Y and the grocery store and they are both about 1/4 mile away. I need to get out more often. My stomach just turned thinking of how lame I must sound.

Tonight’s workout is going to be tabata style. Both cardio and strength. I tend to do these workouts (not only because they are effective) but when I am not super gung-ho on going to the gym. That way, I can get in my workout and not get bored because it changes every 4 minutes. I’m pretty sure that’s brilliant.

I am a few pages shy of finishing the third book of The Hunger Games series and I am getting disappointed. Weird stuff is happening. It doesn’t help that the first movie was not a great reflection of the book, either.

Does anyone else still wear their Orthodontist issued retainers? Athena and I have talked about this- we both still do. I have a red glittery one for my top teeth and a clear plastic for the bottom¬†that broke into two pieces. I just cannot fathom the thought of not wearing them and having my teeth get crooked after having about SEVEN years of orthodontic work done. I mean, I was a metal mouth for FOREVER. I had each tooth in my head spaced apart, the front ones then pushed back, and then they were all pushed back together. I had wires. I had a retainer cemented to the roof of my mouth with a key that I had to use to turn the retainer and expand it (apparently they gave me the wrong instructions and I ended up turning it 3x faster than I should have. I didnt eat solids for 2 months I was in so much pain) I even had those stupid rubberbands. In fact, I had to rubberband my whole mouth shut, except for the front four teeth. What’s even more awesome is that that was the same time I performed in Carnegie Hall. I KID YOU NOT when we sang, I opened my mouth too wide that the rubberband broke and smacked the girl standing next to me. It was during rehearsals, but she got her revenge by standing in FRONT of me during the actual performance. Not my fault!

Sometimes I hate the whole process of showering because it entails to many duties. Shampoo hair, rinse hair, condition hair, rinse hair, wash body, shave (on occassion). Dry off, lotion, put product in my hair, brush hair…I’m tired just thinking about it.

Has anyone ever taken the raspberry ketone supplement? I saw it on Dr. Oz yesterday (only because I was home, I swear!) and I had never heard of it. If anyone has, let me know..I might be interested in trying it myself!

I kind of miss home. In the sense that I won’t get a government charge every time I used my debit card; that it’s called a bathroom and not a wash room; that people are in the same boat as far as health insurance, so they don’t ask me about it; Dunkin Donuts; mph not kph. Ok, I’m starting to put myself in depression mode. Must stop.

The good news is I passed my background check, so the YMCA is allowing me to take the certification courses in April so that I can be one step closer to volunteering/working there.

I can’t stop thinking about my nightmare last night. If I type it out, it sounds incredibly silly, but I swear to you it was the scariest thing ever. I was with Betty White and Tyler and there was a demon in the house and we were hiding from it and finally I screamed at the top of my lungs “GET IT OUUUUUUUUUT” and then Tyler laid on the couch and Betty and I laid on an air mattress until the devil came up the stairs. And that is when I sat up awake and started screaming. See? It sounds super silly.

I just realized I have been sitting here typing this whole thing and I haven’t taken off my coat.

This is the most random post ever. I guarantee you it won’t be the last.

Happy Thursday!