The good and the bad

Oh hey, Jen here.

Photo on 2015-01-22 at 6.59 PM

Yeah, I’m sitting on the floor in the living room and our ceilings are STILL unfinished. SOON. I hope. I really do hope.

I’m procrastinating tonight’s workout. Just kidding, I’m waiting for the quesadilla and cereal to digest. So while I’m procrastinating…or waiting..I thought I’d share the good and the bad from today. More specifically ONE of each.

Let’s start with the bad. Fabletics. UGH. Have you seen the commercials with Kate Hudson? Yeah, the clothes look cool and some of them are pretty nice, but I was having issues with sizing and product quality, so I ended up cancelling my monthly membership. I cancelled it 9 weeks ago and still haven’t received my refund check for my last return (don’t get me started on why it had to be a check and not just a credit back to my Visa). Today’s series of phone calls to their *terrible* customer service line resulted in 1) being put on hold for 20 minutes while they retrieved a manager only to come back on the line and say the manager was at lunch; and 2) being told to please respect them for taking their time to process my refund. HA! Respect? The company insisted I return the product within 30 days of receipt, yet they can take 3592739573-237 days to give me my money?! Hmm…

Anyways, it might not all sound too terrible, but I just found their lack of knowledge and terrible script-like speech to be really time consuming/frustrating/give me a drink pleeeeeeeeease. Let’s just say there was a lot of barking back and forth.


The good: Well, it doesn’t start out good. The rug I ordered for the nursery from was delivered and Tyler messaged me when he got home saying there were quite a few dark spots on the rug and to call their customer service to see what could be done before we actually unwrap it. (talk about run on sentence!) I begrudgingly got on the phone- ready to tackle yet another potential disaster- BUT within 2 minutes, the happy lady on the other end of the line apologized for the condition of the rug and ordered another one to be delivered right away. And I don’t have to return the damaged one. WHOA. Does that ever happen anymore? They get a huge thumbs up in my book. Assuming the replacement rug is damage-free!


Well that was a rant and a half.

Want to see some of the pictures I’ve taken with my new camera? Unfortunately, I’m still super green with all the settings, and the winter months give zero light for me to practice outdoor shots when I get home from work…SO- the dogs are my only subjects thus far. I’m ok with that.

IMG_0143 IMG_0153 IMG_0159 IMG_0181 IMG_0183 IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0192 IMG_0193


Ah, these guys kill me.