Fun things

I wish I had more fun things to post.

Like new beers I’ve tried.
Or bars I’ve gone to.

Sad face.

I need this shirt.

BUT, life goes on and there are some other fun things going on that aren’t alcohol related (how many people are shaking their head right now?)

For instance:
-Tyler and I have successfully watched 350923752309 movies on our new projector screen. It’s super awesome. The dogs love it down in our ‘new’ basement too. No pics yet as half of it is still not finished (Tyler ripped out the kitchen that was down there and we are currently in the process of deciding the design for what will take it’s place)

(Repeat photo from last post)
-I checked out Corbeaux Bakehouse with Susie last weekend. I’ve noticed a lot of hype for the new place all over social media and had to give it a shot. Bad news: there was a 2 hour wait when we got there. I was super tempted to pull the ‘but I’m pregnant and hungry’ card, but I forgot. Instead, we bought some goodies from their counter and if I have to be honest- they weren’t anything special. I’d prefer something made at home any day.


-I got my hair done a couple of weeks ago (made sure to squeeze in one last appt with my stylist before she went on mat leave) and I actually had her cut my hair. Sure, the length doesn’t look any different but HOLY CRAP did it make a world of difference in how my hair washes/dries/styles. I am a happy lady. But sad that I won’t have her do my hair for a while.

-I booked my maternity/newborn photo sessions! (after 2 full days of dying over the cost of them, I finally just pulled the trigger) To my childless friends: I hear ya, this is so barfy to read. I’m guessing the hormones have got me unusually giddy.
-I made no bake cookies that had no butter, no sugar and only a quater of the pb the normal recipe calls for. And guess what? They were good! Still not the real deal, but Tyler ate a few so I know they are somewhat decent.

-I DO NOT want to talk about the Super Bowl. Sad. Very sad.
-But I will talk about Super Bowl food! It was just Tyler and I (and two eager pups) so I didn’t want to make too much, but decided on wings, pulled chicken sliders and potato skins. The potato skins were my fave- next time I am totally putting more cheese on those suckers! PS: I may have also made a chocolate pie which I consumed ALL BY MYSELF…in 2 days.

-Is it OK for me to say that some of my home workouts have actually been fun? I did a 1000 rep workout on Saturday night and just LOVED it. About 700 of the reps were squat related so that was even more fun about 48 hours later. I’ve also been able to hang around with the pups and Tyler while getting my workouts done which you’d THINK would be distracting, but it’s been some weird sort of motivation for me since I can’t participate in some of the advanced moves. Call it TOGETHERNESS if you will. (I did a tabata workout last night while Tyler played video games and the pups slept next to us. Cue the cheezy awwwww cute family noises. But seriously, I loved it)



-Shows I’m currently watching on the weekly: Downton Abbey, The Bachelor (barf), Kate plus 8 (double barf), My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Gold Rush, Moonshiners, Mindy Project, Blacklist, RHOBH. I’m missing a couple, but you can see I don’t discriminate on the variety.
-Not that I’m counting or anything, BUT I only have 37 more days of work before I get a WHOLE YEAR of mat leave!! (for my US friends: and I still get $$!) Man, I love Canada.
-Speaking of loving Canada, I also just found out that I’m almost eligible to apply for citizenship here. Downside of that: I also just found out it’s taking about 24 months for the government to process those applications. Upside of that: Once I obtain citizenship, we may consider a move back to the states! (Obviously that is in the way distant future. And it’s only a consideration) HELLO: I need my child to understand that he is half American. If he grows up thinking it’s ok to spell ‘favorite’ as ‘favourite’ and refer to his hat as a toque, well then I just might die. No offense.

(I love it here, just not the snow. Or the $$$ to fly just to see family/friends!)
-We lucked out at Home Depot last weekend and found a can of paint on the ‘oops’ shelf (you know, when people buy paint then realize it’s not the color they want, so Home Depot takes it back and tried to resell it for way cheap?) WELL it was a gallon of Behr Marquee paint in a really pretty bluish color and we got it for $9 instead of the regular $60ish! Yay project for me to do when I have time off in a couple weeks. PS: Tyler and I now swear by this paint, so if you are in the market for a paint recommendation Behr Marquee is the way to go- it really does only take one coat to cover ANY existing color!

Any fun things you want to share? I need to add more than a Home Depot purchase and a pastry to my list. For reals.