I’m so lucky..

I’m so lucky to now call this beautiful place my home..


My lovely frame of mind (for the time being) is due to a fantastic workout (30 min. cardio intervals and a Muscle Blast class) and having coffee with Sadie and Twyla this afternoon. Shout out to both of them!

I just did a quick sweep at Safeway and am excited to make tonight’s dinner! More on that later. Unless I fall into a food coma. Which I most likely will. And OBVS I have to whip up some dessert. It’s standard.

Ooh! And I just had a fantab little lunchy:
Spinach, chickpeas, kiwi, pineapple, tomatoes, and the BEST poppy seed dressing (I kept typing poopy seed…) I have EVER had. Thank you for existing, Renee’s!

That’s all for now, my little sweater monkeys.