My Favorite Hometown Places to Eat (upstate NY)

When people ask me where I’m from when they find out I’m an American, I tell them Boston. But I guess that’s not really where I’m from. I actually don’t know what to tell people. Because when I say Boston, they say, “well, you don’t have an accent.” Then I say “Ok, ok, I’m from NY.” And again, the response is “you still don’t have the accent I thought you would.” Well people…SORRY! haha

I grew up in a bunch of places and always seemed to move at integral parts of my upbringing, so there really isn’t a right (or wrong) answer. First is was Southern California, then Northern California, then upstate NY (where my parents still live), then I went to college in NH, and finally moved to Boston.

Home will now always be NY (unless my parents decide to buy a condo somewhere warm. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME, PARENTS?!! SOMEWHERE W-A-R-M!!!) and there are TONS of things (read: FOOD) that I miss now that I live in Calgary.

And with that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite places from home that I miss:

Dunkin Donuts: Yes, yes, yes, I love me some Tim Hortons (HELLO: they are so cheap and so fast and the product is actually tasty– even if the only thing I ever order there is black coffee and an everything bagel toasted w/cream cheese) but there’s something about an iced coffee from DD that I just LOVE. There’s no need for an explanation here.

Trader Joe’s: Another ‘no duh’ addition to this list. They offer tons of yummy foods at not-so-expensive prices. I particularly miss getting my nut butters from there because of their low price. [Um, why is nut butter so expensive in Canada? Some places are trying to charge my $16 for a jar- that’s nuts. Pun intended) I also love their sweet potato tortilla chips, candy cane tea, pre made salads, hummus, frozen tamales, and pumpkin pancake mix.

Apple Picking: Pretty much a staple of living in the NE. Usually, I would drive back to NY on Columbus Day weekend so the three of us could hit our favorite orchard, drink cider, eat apple cider donuts, and stuff our pockets and bags with as many apples as possible. Then I would nap in the car on the way home. Dad would usually get a hot dog. Mom would point out every cow she saw.



Sutton’s Apple Dumplings– This is one of the ‘go-to’ breakfast/lunch places in the area. I’m not really a fan of their restaurant food and they push WAY TOO MANY Rachel Ray products (since she’s a native of the area) but I do OBSESS over their apple dumplings. Walk in, grab a few, sit in the car and devour– most likley resulting in sticky fingers and a lap full of icing crumbs. NOM.


Frozen Dreams- This place is just too good. Soft serve ice cream that is all too conveniently located near my parent’s home. I ALWAYS get a small twist with rainbow sprinkles. And if I’m feeling lucky, I’ll get an extra cup of sprinkles on the side. There is always a line up throughout the summer, and most people sit in their car with the A/C running to enjoy their frozen treat. Oh man, what I would give to be able to go back to NY this summer…



Downtown Saratoga- there are lots of places in Saratoga that I love to visit, and they’re all concentrated in the old downtown area:



  • Cantina– the food is always good and the margaritas are always better. If you visit this place in the summer, sit on the patio with a pitcher of sangria and you’ll be all set for some of the best people watching ever.
  • Saratoga City Tavern–  It’s a 4(?) story bar that offers something different on each level- live music, dancing, and a rooptop open in the warmer months. Love their beer selection but their bathrooms are 1-800-FAILCITY.
  • Bettie’s Cakes– Because cupcakes= YES.
  • The Track– what’s better than being able to go watch the races for free while also sitting on your own cooler filled with whatever selection of eats/drinks you brought? Nothing.  PS: you don’t have to bring a cooler. Or sit on one, either.
  • Bailey’s Cafe– Love going there in the winter and ordering the S’mores for dessert along with a specialty coffee. Mmm now I have the warm fuzzies.
  • There’s also a ton of fun shops and boutiques to meander through!

Poopie’s– Such a good greasy spoon place that my parents used to take me when I was little. Order everything, it’s all good. Also, who doesn’t want to eat at a place called Poopie’s?!



Noon Whistle Deli- this is the tiniest little deli but oh man is it delicious. The people there are super friendly and will customize your order if you want. I always get the turkey club and bring the pasta salad/chips home for my parents. SOOOO YUM.

Bistro LeRoux- OMYGOSH this place is one of my favorite restaurants. EVER. The food is just over the top amazing. The menu varies, but it always has a selection of items that make it hard to choose. The food is fancy without feeling like you’re at a super fancy restaurant. And the prices are really great. Same with the service. I really really REALLY love this place and it’s one of the few places I’ll actually eat the bread, an app, a main course, and dessert. Woof, I’m stuffed.



Lake George- Ok, maybe it was more fun to go here while I was in high school…or home from college… but it’s still nice to go up once in a while and take in the lake and the fresh air and maybe an adult beverage on a patio somewhere.



Glen Lake/The Docksider- There is a small lake in my hometown that allows locals to launch (non-motor powered, only motor-powered vehicles are allowed for residents on the lake). My mom, dad, and I would take our kayaks there, loop the lake, then have lunch at the Docksider restaurant, located right next to the launch. Ok, my parents would eat and I would usually just sunbathe (or have a drink if they were having live music) since their food is kinda ‘meh’ in my opinion.



El Mexicano– This place is pretty good authentic Mexican food. With your dinner order, you get chips/salsa, a free mini cheese quesadilla, a complimentary sweet chimichango (with banana/honey) and sometimes a shot of tequila. Ok, I haven’t been there in a while, so they may not offer those freebies anymore, but it’s still a great place to go!



Apparently I like to eat.

*in case you missed it* check out my favorite places to eat in Calgary here. 


What’s your favorite hometown restaurant? Where is your hometown?

Tidbits from the last week or so

Let me start off by saying Hi. It’s been a while, I know. We were in NY from July 3-10, had a TERRIBLE overnight layover in Chicago, and have been dealing with a medical problem with Layla ever since we got home. So, not too much time or desire for me to really sit at the computer and blog away.

Second, this isn’t a wedding post. There will be one, but I really want to wait for the sneak peek shots from our photographer. And I obviously have no photos since I was mostly in other people’s photos and I don’t wait to steal theirs! So, if you’re DYING to see pics, you can check out Athena’s post on my wedding. Until then, sit tight.

Some thoughts over the past week or so:

-I am really good at falling asleep on planes. Tyler, not so much. Therefore, I bought him a beer in Chicago while we waited for our second flight.

-I FOUND MY FAVORITE BEER EVER at one of the local beverage stores in my parent’s hometown.

Image-I FINALLY bought new sneaks. I hadn’t bought a pair since Feb 2012 and desperately wanted/needed a new pair by Oct/Nov last year, but couldn’t fathom paying these stupid Canadian prices. On the 4th, Tyler and I drove down to Albany and indulged in quite a few purchases with American price tags. Aka: my haven.



-Speaking of sneaks, I managed to get in some good *SWEATY* workouts while we were in NY. I packed my TRX in my suitcase and was able to incorporate that in 2 of my home workouts, did another countdown workout (on the back 3-season room where the AC was off but I was at least in the shade pre-wedding and didn’t have to worry about getting tan lines) and a SWEET circuit workout at the hotel gym on the morning of the wedding (I got up at 6:30am to get a much wanted workout before it all started!).

-And now speaking of workouts, there were obviously a couple of days I didn’t workout while we were there, but I didn’t entirely mind. Because, umm duhhhhhh, it was my wedding week! I indulged in what I wanted (see: Sutton’s Apple Dumplings, Frozen Dreams soft serve, BEER..) And guess what? some of this was BEFORE I put that dress on. The very dress that I had my final fitting in January for. And I FIT IN IT. Hallelujah.  I don’t weigh myself anymore, but I left NY feeling no different about my body than I did before we went. WHICH IS PRETTY DANG AWESOME. 

-We went to Crandall Park in Glens Falls to listen to the Orchestra and watch fireworks. And drink beer.



This was one of the days I managed to get in a workout and got done just before we left for the park. Hence no makeup/looking somewhat human.

-Our rehearsal dinner was YUMMMMMMMMY and well worth the pretty penny it cost. (More on that in a different post, I’m just trying to post tidbits here today!)





(Thanks for the photos, Kysh!)


-My hotel suite for Fri/Sat night was TWO FLOORS. And pretty awesome. Minus the spotty wi-fi that I so desperately wanted so that I could use my phone!

-The girls surprised me with a sweet morning oh breakfast/manis/pedis. And mimosas. Lots of mimosas. I’m pretty sure my bridesmaid, Katie was the life of that morning. She had us in stitches the whole time. Oh, and they all got me gifts….totally didn’t see that nice little surprise coming! Thanks girls! (And mom, and Ingrid and Aunt Marion!!)


-I’m 100% certain my photographer caught some images of me naked while my Mom and Matron of Honor were trying to get that dress up my body. I think those are going to be the funniest photos and I really want to blow one up and put in my office. For no other purpose than for shock and awe to future houseguests.

-I ate approximately 2 bites of my meal that night because I was busy talking to EVERYONE, busy DRINKING, busy DANCING, and busy DOING PUSHUPS.



-We played a LOT of Dominos post-wedding weekend. Mainly because it was the easiest thing to entertain ourselves while drinking at home.

-In addition to the above point, my dad yanked their ENTIRE cable package for the house, so we had no option of watching TV other than local cable channels. Which consisted of horse races, a continuously running commercial for a local jewelry store, and a never-ending CSI:Miami marathon.

-Layovers due to United Airlines SUCKING at O’Hare will result in an overnight stay at Super 8 (which wasn’t even complimentary), waiting for a shuttle to said motel, having the shuttle put a PILOT in the trunk so he wouldn’t have to wait for the next shuttle, and having to order pizza at 1am since we had not eaten in over 14 hours. Oh, and wearing the same clothes for over 24 hours sans toothbrush or deodorant. Needless to say, Tyler and I had an unspoken agreement not to makeout that next day.


-Of course the rescheduled flight the next day would consist of a women hacking a lung the entire flight, and the rest of the occupants being TEN YEAR OLDS. And the most hyper one sat behind me. His judo chops and kicks are NOT comparable to massage chairs.

-I’m pretty sure if you’re a cab driver, you should have remote knowledge of the area where you drive. The guy we got stuck with once we landed in Calgary took us for a bit of a ride. The end.


-I am REALLY sad that week is over. It was WAY too much fun and 10000000000 times better than I thought it would be while I was planning it.

-Fake eyelashes are THE SHIT.

-Tyler was destined to be a part of the family as far as my mom is concerned. They share a love for margaritas. Especially the ones I make.


K, that’s it for now. If I don’t hear from my photographer soon, I’ll be posting her e-mail/phone # for all you guys to contact her on my behalf. That should definitely do the trick.