There’s a really bad T-Pain joke in this post

Well I woke up sore today. But I guess I can’t say ‘woke up’ if I never really slept! I tossed and turned all night because of all my aches and pains. And because the dog was rolling all over me.

Must’ve been those stinkin’ (but awesome) burpees from Monday night.

All I did yesterday was run! (40 minutes..woooo!)

I still haven’t changed the time since daylight savings on my Garmin.

I finally ordered an armband online yesterday for my iPod touch! I can’t wait for it to get here because I’ve been using this thing since 2007.

Tyler brought me home a flower that’s hard to kill! How thoughtful. No seriously, I squealed with excitement. And Layla sniffed like crazy.

For dinner, we had kabobs. Steak, zucchini, red peppers and mushrooms. I didn’t do anything to the veggies, but I marinated the steak for a couple hours in 1 part whiskey and 1 part balsamic vinegar. Super tasty!

And some macaroons for dessert:

I was crafting for a bit (still not done) in the afternoon, and Layla took it upon herself to wear my scarf. I think she rocked it.

Now, onto random ramblings. Because I do those best.

1. I have to change which post office I go to now because the girl at my usual stop knows that I sent out wedding stuff, so now every time she sees me (which is OFTEN) she asks me about it. And then relays stamp and package information to me. Like I give a hoot.

2. Ahh, speaking of giving a hoot. I found a great gift for a Christmas swap yesterday, but didn’t buy it. I’m writing it here as i reminder because I always walk around with my blog posts on my phone (it’s a means of PR people)

Totally jk-ing. Or am I? I have been known to shout out my blog name to strangers..

3. I posted a video on my personal facebook page last week about dance moves. Here are further instructions on how to get jiggy with it:

4. I have 3 holiday recipes starred in my google reader that I CANNOT wait to make. Of course, they all have 32059720957209 calories, so that should be interesting.

5. But if I get this spoon (or someone wants to get it for me) then I guess I’ll be ok.


6. No class next week because of Thanksgiving. Feel free to come up to me and be all T-Pain like and Buy Me A Drink (get it? hahaha the song?! I crack myself UP)

7. Pretend you didn’t read #6. That was just terrible.

8. Does anyone watch Ben&Kate? In lasts night’s episode she told Will she’ll see him later. With her looking balls. I just about died with laughter. Totally using that one.

Tell me something random. Or something funny. If it’s a random funny thing, then you’re multitasking. So talented.

******UPDATE: If you’re in Canada and interested in signing up for a cookie swap, please e-mail me at jtougas77 (at) gmail (dot) com by Friday, November 16th!******