Workout Wrap Up

Hi friends. Real life + lack of desire to blog has kept me from you. Sorry, but it’s sometimes just no fun to take precious time out of my day to plop in front of the computer- after being in front of one for 9 hours- and recount things I saw, did, or ate. Blech. Perhaps the inkling will work it’s way back to me soon- but for now, mmmmnotosomuch.


Last week’s workouts were pretty OK. Here they are:

Sunday: Made up sone 10-12-15 rep circuits (including UH lat pulls/pushups/OH press; plate pushes/stability ball side lunge/foam roller hip lifts), Spin, and a great finisher of plate push sprints.

Monday: 3 deck of card rounds


Tuesday: 50 min interval run (3/5/1’s)

Wednesday: I was flipping through some of Athena’s posted workouts for some inspiration and came across her Upper Body Tabata workout. I did something super similar followed by a bit of spinning:



Thursday: Given the inspiration from the day before, I completed a lower body tabata workout and some more spinning:



Friday: Celebrated my friend Nicole’s birthday and drank beers (because drinking beers on the weekend BURNS calories, right?)

Saturday: Went to Canmore and did fun things with the hubby (maybe more on that later when/if I feel like it!)

In the comments: Did you have a good workout lately?? WHY was it good? I wanna know!