THE BEST margarita

Hey everyone! Just sitting in the salon with tons of foil on my head waiting for the stuff to work its magic. Sweet, huh? I’m off to a Cinco de Mayo party tonight and I wanted to share my new favorite margarita with you.

You know, in case you wanted one. Or twenty.

This is probably my favorite homemade margarita recipe that I’ve done. I was inspired to change it up a bit after going to Anejo last weekend and indulging in a couple chili coconut margaritas (ps if you haven’t been to anejo, you MUST go!)

So here it is–>

In a shaker with some ice, add: (makes 2…if you feel like sharing)
-6 oz coconut water
-1.5 oz lime juice
-2 oz triple sec (or other orange liqueur)
-3 oz coconut tequila

Shake well, and serve (yo’self)

NOTE: This isn’t what I would consider to be a coconut margarita. In fact, I don’t think it tastes like coconut at all. But the coconut water and coconut tequila give it that edge that I feel really separates the restaurant quality margs from the ones you make at home with a sugary pre-made mix. If you can’t get your hands on coconut tequila, I don’t think it would make much of a difference, but it is a nice addition.


Lazy Mutt

I didn’t end up taking public transportation yesterday. Believe me, I tried, but there were no parking spots available at the station, so I ended up just driving to the city. I parked on the outskirts to both save on parking and get a nice walk in.

I represented the big booty club

I’m going to skip over the content of the meeting because I will get entirely too worked up…but I walked back towards my car to have “coffee” with Nicole. Coffee turned into beer and hummus, but that’s typical (right?)

This lovely platter (and beer) was enjoyed at Original Joe’s. I will definitely be heading there again- their menu (both drinks and food) looked delicious.

Then, because of our overly stressful meeting, I decided to treat Tyler to dinner and drinks. We met around the corner at Julio’s Barrio for a few of these:

I had never had a Bulldog before, and it didn’t disappoint. I total felt like I should have been on Jersey Shore.

Tyler opted to accompany his Bulldog with a quesadilla

And I went with the Avocado Salad

Consider the edge taken off as this meal was finished.

Since I had the ball rolling, I thought we might as well keep it going once we got home. I picked up a few beers that we had never tried before

I chose this beer for two reasons:

1) Because the 6 pack had 8 beers in it

2) Because I’m pretty sure the dog on the label is Layla.

The beer was actually pretty good. It has no distinct flavor other than beer. But, it was easy to drink and I think would pair well with almost any type of food. I will be on the lookout to see if they have any other types of beer (I am going to link to Lazy Mutt, but for some reason, my computer won’t allow me to view it)

I took a pic of the bottlecap because I thought it was cute. Maybe you will too.

Welp. this JLo booty has some errands to run and a workout to do! We are going away for the night tomorrow and I have to get ready!!