THE BEST margarita

Hey everyone! Just sitting in the salon with tons of foil on my head waiting for the stuff to work its magic. Sweet, huh? I’m off to a Cinco de Mayo party tonight and I wanted to share my new favorite margarita with you.

You know, in case you wanted one. Or twenty.

This is probably my favorite homemade margarita recipe that I’ve done. I was inspired to change it up a bit after going to Anejo last weekend and indulging in a couple chili coconut margaritas (ps if you haven’t been to anejo, you MUST go!)

So here it is–>

In a shaker with some ice, add: (makes 2…if you feel like sharing)
-6 oz coconut water
-1.5 oz lime juice
-2 oz triple sec (or other orange liqueur)
-3 oz coconut tequila

Shake well, and serve (yo’self)

NOTE: This isn’t what I would consider to be a coconut margarita. In fact, I don’t think it tastes like coconut at all. But the coconut water and coconut tequila give it that edge that I feel really separates the restaurant quality margs from the ones you make at home with a sugary pre-made mix. If you can’t get your hands on coconut tequila, I don’t think it would make much of a difference, but it is a nice addition.



I still can’t believe the drastic weather change. Just yesterday, I was lounging on the front deck with Layla



The tulips were a-bloomin’



And we went for a long, sunny walk


(apparently Layla misplaced her ears in these photos)

And of course, she rolled



A summery dinner of burgers and corn on the Barbie were consumed (I had a flaxseed bun. Yumm)


Now, today… Ugh. Such barfy weather. But I rallied and had a nice bfast of Quaker Oatmeal Squares w/sliced banana and almond milk.


2 hours and a finished book later, Tyler woke up. We picked up some Starbucks then headed off to Costco.



We picked up a ton of essentials and a ton of cinco de mayo necessities. Now we’re back home, finished prepping the guac and other dips, and chilling the Margie mix.

I have a 60 min cardio/strength session planned here at home, then it’s time to get our fiesta on!

How’s everyone else celebrating?!

May 5th in Canada

Hi everyone. Can you tell I am less than enthused? Well, I am. Why? Because I went to bed last night with dreams of guacamole and sombreros and ungodly amounts of cheese and beer and tequila- and then I woke up………and saw this:


May 5th, you guys. Mark that down in your calendar as “it still snows in the land of Canucks .” oof. Now I’ll have to sip my margies with a parka on.