Humpday Bumpday

Well, I did it. I am officially on short term disability until my mat leave starts (I guess my claim still has to process, but I’m pretty confident it’ll go through!!) So the next 5 weeks before baby arrives will be filled with pajamas, netflix and REST. Music to my ears.



Yup, just like Harry, I am SO relieved. I can finally just relax and make myself as comfortable as possible in these last few weeks. Although, I was filled with guilt this morning when I went into work to notify my boss/coworkers and collect my things. It was a quick exit and I of course cried like a baby- NOT because I’m going to miss work, but because I felt so awkward for leaving early.

Even the physical therapist last night was on my case telling me I needed to stop being so tough and just admitting defeat to my back pain. Guys, this was so HARD to do because I don’t even like calling in sick because I always feel so dang guilty!! But his encouragement, coupled with Tyler’s, my parents, my boss, and the HR contact at work really convinced me this was the way to go.

You’d wonder though, how this little (I think it’s little) bump can cause so much discomfort. I’m really hoping he’s just a stubborn baby and resting on some nerves and that I will feel back to my normal self after he get’s the heck OUT.

photo 1-33

FYI: my hair was on point for this picture!

So obviously the last few days have been incredibly stressful.

Luckily, I have some of the best friends back home and have received some goodies in the mail which have REALLY lifted my spirits. I’ve been sitting on the floor in the baby’s room just looking at all the stuff and getting all gushy and excited. (The highs and lows of pregnancy emotions are crazy and weird and random)

Yesterday, I got a huge care package from my gym friends- Athena, Liz and Ashley. I’ll let the picture do the talking. So many awesome things!!

photo 2-33

I had only bought one mini series of children’s books, so I got really excited to start adding to the collection. Of course, the only line running through my head as I flipped through these was:


Anyone know the reference??

Then today, I got another box in the mail from my hometown friend

photo 3-26

I can’t express enough how appreciative I am for all of these thoughtful gifts and I know the baby is already beyond spoiled 😉

Can I just make a side note of how drastically different this mid-week post is from my previous normal? Winesday Wednesday has become Humpday Bumpday? Holy crap. Just to establish a bit of normalcy, I’ll leave you with this..


Ugly Kim K Cry

I just had the UGLIEST Kim Kardashian cry and I can’t believe I’m actually admitting it. I think pregnancy hormones are in raging full effect because I didn’t want to cry, it just happened.

kk cry

Here’s why:

I went to physio tonight to get assessed for the severe back pain I’m having. Basically, I’m only comfortable when I’m lying flat and any weight I put on my feet is pure torture. The therapist recommended I stay home until the baby is born and only suggested I start my mat leave early.

Here’s the thing, I WANT to stay home and be more comfortable, but I don’t WANT to stop getting paid until EI kicks in after the baby is born. (approx 5 weeks). So naturally, I stressed out because I have no idea what to do. That, and I already took my allotted vacation time off for the year and I don’t want to have them take it out of my last pay if I leave earlier than originally planned.


Canadian friends- is there something I’m missing? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated because I swear if I have to walk 3 blocks from the train to my office one more time, I might just lose my mind. Or start flipping tables.


In the mean time, I will be googling funny videos to watch in attempt to feel less Kim K-ish. So there’s that.