Ugly Kim K Cry

I just had the UGLIEST Kim Kardashian cry and I can’t believe I’m actually admitting it. I think pregnancy hormones are in raging full effect because I didn’t want to cry, it just happened.

kk cry

Here’s why:

I went to physio tonight to get assessed for the severe back pain I’m having. Basically, I’m only comfortable when I’m lying flat and any weight I put on my feet is pure torture. The therapist recommended I stay home until the baby is born and only suggested I start my mat leave early.

Here’s the thing, I WANT to stay home and be more comfortable, but I don’t WANT to stop getting paid until EI kicks in after the baby is born. (approx 5 weeks). So naturally, I stressed out because I have no idea what to do. That, and I already took my allotted vacation time off for the year and I don’t want to have them take it out of my last pay if I leave earlier than originally planned.


Canadian friends- is there something I’m missing? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated because I swear if I have to walk 3 blocks from the train to my office one more time, I might just lose my mind. Or start flipping tables.


In the mean time, I will be googling funny videos to watch in attempt to feel less Kim K-ish. So there’s that.

17 thoughts on “Ugly Kim K Cry

  1. You should be able to go on short term disability until your mat leave commences. Talk to your benefits coordinator for what they would need from you. It would likely be a form from your doctor but I’m not 100% sure on that. Sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable!

  2. Yep, short term disability! It’s up for 8 weeks. You need to check with your HR and it’s as simple as printing off a form and having your doctor sign it. You get 80% up to 100% pay!! I did it and it was easy!!

  3. Do you have any sick time saved up? You can use this if your doctor writes you a note that you need to be off work. I think it is close to being the same as Short Term Disability? If short term disability isn’t an option, you can also start taking your Maternity EI early (thats what I did as a casual worker, I have no Short Term Disability, Sick Time or Vacation). You don’t have to wait until the baby is born to start taking it. The only downside to that is you’d have to go back to work earlier (because it is only for a year). You just have to apply after your last day of work and then your HR submits a Record of Employment and there is a 2 week waiting period after your last pay cheque before you will start getting paid. I applied February 13th and got my first EI payment March 7th, so the wait wasn’t too bad. If you want to talk more about it or have any questions with your application I can definitely try to help since I just went through the process πŸ™‚ just email me!

    On the Ugly Kim K/Pregnancy Cry front: My shining moment was crying in Famoso Pizza because I didn’t realize Gorgonzola Cheese was Blue Cheese until after my pizza arrived covered in it. My husband couldn’t contain his laughter because it was a ridiculous situation, but I was so upset about it. Your emotions are actually directed at something stressful!

  4. So sorry you had a rough day (and that you’re in pain)! Sounds like you got some good advice so hopefully you can have it figured out within a few days. Keep your head up, girl! You’re almost there!

  5. I’m sorry you are in pain. That is awful. But yes ST disability all the way. I hope you can get some answers today and get it worked out. Until then, stay laying down with your nutella jar.

  6. I am pretty sure (though might be Province related) you are allowed to take 15 weeks sick time before your mat leave starts…either tag it on the beginning or the end of your maternity leave…buuut that might be my work/province…..check with your HR and with EI….
    I feel you girl.I’m 21 weeks and I can see why people have to go off early.

    For sure get a sick note from your doc which will help cover sick pay/sick leave

  7. I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain, friend!

    When you go back to your Dr, make sure they create a DETAILED note as to the reasons you can’t work – related to your job description, along with SPECIFIC restrictions/limitations. That way there won’t be delays in your claim. Don’t be surprised if the insurance company asks for copies of your medical records, too!

    (I used to work in employee benefits & dealt with a lost of pre-natal STD claims)
    One more thing – the claim might not be approved, so just be prepared for that!

    Good luck!

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