Weekend Recap

This is the first Monday in a long time that I’m glad the weekend is over- only because Mon-Fri usually consists of a more routine day for me and Wes.

Friday: Tyler worked from home, but I acted like he wasn’t there so that Wes and I could still do our normal Friday thing. After a couple of feedings/play/yadda yadda, we went to the mall to walk a few laps. I also managed to restock on my Lush must have’s (ugh…wallet hurt).

photo 1-64

photo 2-61

Ocean Salt is my go to scrub- LOVE the smell and the consistency and how my skin feels after it’s rinsed off!)

Lovely Jubblies is intended to be a breast cream, but I put it all over my body because the whole thing could use some firming..not just the tatas! Plus, it smells like a dreaaaam. The sales associate told me they were discontinuing this soon which is a HUGE disappointment.

After we got back from the mall, I took Wes for a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. It was HOT and I got really sweaty, mostly because I was going at a pretty brisk pace and went up every hill I could find. Wes stayed cool in the shade and slept the whole time. Lucky baby.

Tyler made a stupid good pizza for dinner and we watched Home after Wes went to bed. Ok, we watched half of Home because we got too tired.


Saturday: I went to spin in the morning. One of my favorite tracks is Rihanna’s Jump (i have searched high and low for the exact remix and can’t find it. Here’s the closest one->)

Uhhh so good.

Later, I met up with Susie at Stampede. We stuck to the Nashville North tent while we were there. PS: Apparently it’s not as fun when you’re not black-out drunk. Also not as fun when you’re older than 90% of the people there. We still managed to have a good time, a few beers, and I lost my voice from trying to shout over the music.




We walked over to Ange’s place afterwards to watch the fireworks/chat/be annoying. I didn’t get home until 2am! NOT fun to take the train at the end of the night during stampede-so many gross and drunk people!

Sunday: Tyler fed Wes in the AM so I was able to catch up on a bit of sleep (PHEW). The rest of the day was spent doing chores, playing with Wes, watching the last day of stampede, and squeezing in a workout.


How was your weekend??