Weekly Photo Dump

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Weekly Photo Dump

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Playing Catch Up

Hi friends! Long time no talk. Still on vacation over here, so our routine has been a bit off and I’ve hardly found the time to sit in front of the computer! Once again, photo overshare on some of the … Continue reading


It’s 9pm on Sunday night as I finally sit down to type this and it is the first time all weekend I’ve actually just sat to rest. Even though I guess I’m not technically resting if I’m typing this..There has just been so much going on with the home renos, some outings, workouts, phew! I’m excited for my mom to get here this week so I can have maybe just a few more extra ‘me’ minutes every day while she chases after the munchkin. Here’s what we were up to this weekend!–>

Friday: Breakfast on the floor! I love mornings where I get a little extra time to myself so I can make pancakes. Maybe this particular morning I should have been on my game a bit better since the second batch in the pan got a little ‘crispy’. STILL GOOD THOUGH.



After a relatively easy morning with Wes- i.e. lots of Reggie pestering and my workout, I headed down to Rose and Crown for lunch. A lunch (beer included) that I won via twitter thankyouverymuch. It was a perfect day to sit on the patio and I enjoyed the conversation with the people there. I got the turkey and brie sandwich and it was DELICIOUS!


I was only gone a couple of hours and was back on Wes duty for the remainder of the afternoon while Tyler worked his hump off with home renos. Friday he did a lot of wiring stuff and prep for the installation of a fan in the ensuite shower. I don’t dare interject because it’s all at a skill set way above my pay grade.


For dinner, we had salsa verde burgers on the BBQ and I’m pretty sure I inhaled mine in less than 4 minutes. During one of Tyler’s routine home improvement store trips, he managed to pick me up a little surprise and I was a VERY happy wife. It makes up for the lack of together time we get with all these home projects!



Now that Wes is crawling around and slowly perfecting his ability to climb the step up from the living space, he likes to hang with the doggies. Even when they’re begging for a bit of burger from daddy. Please note: they only beg from Tyler and not me because they KNOW they won’t get anything. I’m not that nice to share my food!


In care you’re wondering, the green rag is a Layla drool rag. We have them all over the house because she’s a friggin faucet!

After Wes went down, we watched Amazing Race and the first hour of the Revenant before heading to bed. Sunburns make me tired!

Saturday: When Wes only has one nap he tends to go to bed earlier (woohoo!) but it also means he’ll wake up a bit earlier too (BOOOOOOOOOOFACE). I was up before 7am with him and made sure to get both of our bottles ready before getting him from his room.


The rest of the morning/early afternoon was pretty much a wash- I walked the dogs, did some household stuff and hung out with Wes while Tyler was WORK WORK WORKING on the house. By the time 3pm rolled around, I was on the road to check out an Orange Theory Fitness private class with a bunch of my friends. (I refuse to refer to them as blog friends because that category is just so silly!) The workout was great- the first half was done on the treadmill and the remainder was circuits of strength and rowing.


I particularly enjoyed the fact that we were all geared up with heart rate monitors and could see our progress on the big screens. I thought I was pushing myself, but hardly had any ‘splat’ points (when you’re in the orange zone). I can’t get too down on it though- I just have a really low resting heart rate! I was going 9-9.5mph for some of those sprints, dang it!

Can I just add that this location is sandwiched in between a liquor store and a Fatburger?! If I lived in that part of town I would either be in that shopping center all the time OR I’d avoid it all the time! Haha.





Most of us headed out to dinner afterwards. I have to admit, I didn’t order anything because A.) I’m cheap, and B.) I didn’t really want anything from that restaurant. I was happy to come home later that night and snack on some of Tyler’s leftovers and have a beer while we finished watching the Revenant. I think I earned it after burning 517 calories?

Sunday: Another early as heck morning! I need my mom to get here ASAP so I can at least just lay in bed for a few extra minutes. I’m pretty much awake just before 7am every morning anyways, but a lot of times I just don’t want to get out of bed and adult.

I made my standard BAE breakfast and……YOU GUESSED IT…..hung around with Wes while Tyler worked on the house. Is this post redundant or what?!


Just before Wes went down for a nap I was able to do the Resistance 2 workout from 22 Minutes Hard Corps. I couldn’t tell if it was actually more difficult or if my chest was a tad sore from the heavier weights I used for chest flys at OTF the day before. Either way, it felt good.

During Wes’s nap, I did some of my freelance work then we waited around for what seemed like FOREVER for someone to show up and buy the first Bob stroller we got (the orange one! Loved it, but was able to get a much newer used one for a bargain). She was a total low baller and I was *this close* to just telling her she could leave without it. So annoying.

I made a batch of my favoritest chocolate chip cookies EVER- this time using the mini Hershey kisses and they turned out ridiculously tasty. Do you have any idea how hard it is to not eat them all while they’re still warm?!


While they cooled (and in an attempt to avoid temptation) I walked Wes to the grocery store for some random items we needed. It was a bit cooler out, but felt nice to have some fresh air and to NOT hear the banging of hammers or the whirring of random power tools.

For dinner we had steak. Alberta beef is pretty much the tastiest thing around, and these babies didn’t disappoint. Wes even snagged quite a few bites from my plate even though he already had his dinner!


I would have liked more greens on the plate, but what can ya do. I eat healthy more times throughout the week than not (don’t refer to my chocolate chip cookies, haha).

Wes had a nice long bath then we hung out for a bit before it was his bed time.



I rounded out the evening with a walk with the dogs, a cardio workout (CALL ME CRAZY BUT I JUST HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY) and some more freelance stuff.

Fingers crossed for a good, long sleep tonight!


Happy Monday! (said no one ever). I’m exhausted from the weekend and I could use an extra ‘day off’ before the week gets started! Dang it. We didn’t do a whole heck of a lot over here, but there was a LOT of outside time because the sun was out 🙂

Friday: Otherwise known as Pancake Day. I was able to make them just as Wes was waking up, so we both enjoyed our food on the floor. And someone finally decided to hold on to his bottle by himself- even if he doesn’t understand he’s got to tip his head back to get the goods 🙂




The rest of our morning consisted of chores, my workout, doing my hair, and a nap. I let Wes crawl around for a bit before he went down for a nap and he ended up bonking his face on the floor and got a bloody nose. The poor kid was scared out of his mind and it took a long time to finally calm him down.

While he napped, I had a Skype interview (which went well!) and then we lunched.

My favorite part of the day was heading outside! We walked around the nearby shopping center and stopped in Safeway for a couple of staples before circling the neighborhood and coming back home. It felt so nice to be able to enjoy the warm sun and not wear a jacket- I’m hoping by typing this I don’t jinx it and we get snow next week.


Tyler brought home burrito bowls for dinner and I quickly had to get out of the house to take the dogs to their annual vet checkup. The good news: they’re both healthy. The not so good news: annual check ups are $$$.

Afterwards, I relaxed in the tub and watched the first five episodes of The Ranch on Netflix.

Saturday: I could relive Saturday morning just about every day. I started the day off with chocolate Shakeology and had a wonderful QUIET morning with Wes. He was so happy to be crawling around the house and exploring that he tired out pretty quickly.


When he went down for a nap, I took the puppies out for a LONG walk. All three of us really needed to take advantage of the warm weather and it was such a pleasant walk around our homey little neighborhood. Nevermind that tons of people were out gardening…in April!



I actually wasn’t craving any sweets but decided to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. And since I needed to check if they were good- I enjoyed one on the patio with a cup of coffee. YOLO.


Then it was time for our great big Lowe’s adventure. Tyler had a laundry list of things he needed to pick up, so Wes and I tagged along. He was a happy camper since I kept him filled with snacks!




It seems like we spent eternity there, but we managed to get two carloads of stuff and then it was time to head home for dinner. Wes enjoyed- and I mean REALLY enjoyed- pasta and we had pizza.


Tyler and I watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and we went to bed. As soon as I shut my eyes, Wes started crying, so I had to make a quick detour to his room for a little snuggling then it was lights out!

Sunday: If Friday is Pancake day, then Sunday is BAE day.


The morning was filled with typical play time with Wes and chores. But I got to do one extra special task- I got to pick up all the poo in the backyard! I admit, I got a bit lazy about it for a while, yuck. With the extra dry temps lately, I was able to get everything that was back there, which makes for a nice clean slate. Please tell me I’m not the only person who isn’t always on top of dog doody duty?

After that- and a good hands-washing- I did Day 1 of 22 Minute Hard Corps. I was really excited to start this new program and I’m looking forward to progressing through the next 8 weeks.


In the afternoon, we went to Babies R Us to pick up some gates for the stairs then returned to Lowe’s for more home stuff. Wes got a bit antsy this time around and I decided to head back early with him, only to discover a major diaper blowout. Not a fun ride home. That is all.

I felt so bad for the little guy because he had bonked his forehead earlier in the morning and a nice bruise had started to form. Couple that with a diaper blowout and a now-grumpy mom trying to get him to nap…I mean, that’s just not a fun combo! He did eventually go down and it was a nice little reset for both of us.

We hung around the rest of the afternoon and Wes was able to more freely explore after Tyler put the gate up. Happy baby! I took the doggies for their walk and came home to maybe squeeze in another workout. I think my body needed the extra burn from all the pizza. Seriously, pizza makes me bloat like you have no idea.

We watched the finale of Walking Dead then headed to bed.

Here’s to a great week ahead!