Falling back in love..with the treadmill

The day starts with this:

A big ol’ drink with my all-time favorite pre-workout fuel, Razor 8. Ohmygosh y’all, I swear my this stuff (I’m starting to say ‘y’all’ too much because of The Bachelorette. Grr). But really, it gives me the best oompf I need before I workout and there are no jitters or crash afterwards… Just the best!

On to the workout. Another day on the treadmill. I am starting to fall back in love with the treadmill. Like, I hug the machine after I’m done. Yesterday’s session looked like this:

Warm up: 5 minutes at moderate pace
0-5 run
5-6 walk at brisk pace
6-10 run
10-11 walk at brisk pace
11-14 run
14-15 walk at brisk pace
(my ‘walk’ was at 4.0mph and I varied my run from 6.0-7.0mph)

-Then, I did a squat series. With a body bar on my shoulders, I did 10 front split squats, 10 side split squats, and 10 reverse split squats. On each leg.

-Back to the treadmill for another 15 minute set (same as above)

-another squat set

-3rd set on the treadmill. Add a 5 minute cool down.


It was a fantastic sweat session. So fantastic, that I talked Tyler’s ear off about how great I felt afterward. Better that than bitch and moan to him!

And on to more randomness…

*Oo oo oo! I got my foodie penpal package yesterday, but I can’t share with you until the 30th, so watch out for that post!

Layla was a pooped dog last night. We took a long walk and chased bunnies and woofed and sniffed and rolled in the grass. And my we, I mean just Layla. I was tempted to woof though.


I got $115 back from Geico yesterday (for returning my MA plates) and I am seriously contemplating a trip to Lululemon. I’ve already done my research and know what I want. Is that bad….?

***Leave me a comment. About anything. I’m in the mood to hear some randomness from readers.***