Three Things Thursday

This week, I thought I’d share three of my latest favorite things

  1. TEXTURE. Oh man, you guys this app is my favorite. When Tyler got my new phone, he renegotiated our contract and a free subscription of texture came with it! (I think it’s for 3 years, yay!)


There are a TON of different magazines you have access to, and you can personalize your library with favorites. You can also see past editions, save articles…you name it. I’ve favorited a lot of family, parenting, health and fitness magazines and have already loved the ease of navigating the app. It’s about $10/mo and I think totally worth it, especially when you think of how much the physical copies are running these days. I think I love it even more now that I can view it on my larger phone screen!


2. Vega One Chocolate Nutritional Shake. Yup, I actually really love this stuff. I bought a large tub of it a few months ago when my Shakeology supply was running low and did NOT like it on my first try. BUT- I’ve since thrown it into my breakfast rotation a few times now and I have become a fan.


My go to smoothie recipe is as follows: 1 scoop vega, 2T PB2, 5T quick oats (or cooked quinoa if there are leftovers in the fridge), 1/4c frozen plain greek yogurt cubes, 3/4-1c unsweetened almond milk. TRY IT! (If Shakeology just so happened to appear in my stocking this Christmas, I wouldn’t complain).

3. Ava Anderson Products. When I was home in October, my friend Amy introduced me to these products (they have everything from home cleaning products to makeup, skincare, a mens line, baby line, etc) and even gave me quite a few samples to try.


This included full sized samples of the entire baby line! I’ve used all but the baby powder on Wes and love how gentle they are on his skin AND they smell heavenly. There is nothing better than smelling a baby’s head. I just soak up the post-bath lotion lathering time because it’s just a nice little bonding moment I get with Wes and I love knowing that I’m using a safe product on him.

Other samples she gave me included the cleanser, toner, hyaluronic acid, eye cream and moisturizer. I used them all and now only have the eye cream left which I USE RELIGIOUSLY.


Which reminds me, I need to order more…

I HIGHLY recommend these products to anyone interested in switching to non-toxic products. Or if you already do, try this brand out- they’re reasonably priced! Only downfall: they currently do not ship to Canada. (I will have my orders sent to my mom so she can forward them up to me! If any of my Canadian friends are interested in ordering some product, let me know and we can work out the shipping kink;) )

*the link provided above is to Amy’s consultant page where you can order through her!