Take A Hike

Hi. It’s the start of football season, which means nothing to me. I’ll be starting back up with school in a couple weeks, so I won’t care that Tyler will be stuck in front of the TV. Because I’ll be stuck in front of this computer doing homework. Yuck.

Yesterday, our little family went for a hike on Heart Creek Trail. Me= happy. This is just outside of Canmore, AB- the edge of Banff National Park.


I SO wish this picture was in focus because it’s so great! Ah well, maybe next time.


Of course the pup went in the river at every possible chance. She mostly just lays in it. We ran into another woman with her two dogs who called it “hippo-ing.” I’m stealing the term.



We have to keep her on the leash because she would NEVER come back. Poor Tyler almost got pulled in a few times.


It was a perfect day for a hike. Not a cloud in the sky. But it wasn’t too hot either. As soon as we hit sdahy spots, you could feel the cool breeze. Tyler and I always commented every time we walked through a ‘cold’ patch!


How pretty is that?!


Layla was actually pretty good with posing for all of our photo ops.


Probably because she knew that 2 seconds later, she’d be able to hop back in for a dip. That water is fr-fr-freeezing.



I was usually behind the pack because I was just staring up at the mountains and cliffs. About a month ago, two climbers were found dead after falling about 90 meters into a dry creek bed. We actually saw the spot- there were bouquets of flowers resting at the site. It’s totally erie.



At the end of the trail, I tried using the self-timer for a family shot, but I was the only one with any light- so you can’t really see Tyler or Layla! #fail


Some crazy climbers. We happily walked by. Well, Tyler was pulled by Layla.


There were a lot of ‘bridges’ to cross the winding creek. By bridge, I mean two planks of wood nailed together. Really not a great passage for a dude with a dog on a leash.


“Hey Tyler, hold the dog who is about to jump in the creek and take a picture of me. At the same time.” Bad idea. But great picture!


One last dip before it’s time to head home..


Time to go home!

It was a great day, and Layla slept the entire drive back home.

To recap this past week’s workouts:

  • Monday: 30 minutes of kickboxing, 200 situps, 45 minute walk with Layla
  • Tuesday: 40 minutes of spin, lower body circuits
  • Wednesday: 90 minute walk with Layla, upper body circuits, 200 crunches
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: 40 minute run, lower body circuits
  • Saturday: Hike, upper body circuits, 200 stability ball situps
  • Sunday: 30 min cardio (haven’t decided which yet), 30 min total body circuits, 30 min walk

This week was definitely a lot different than my usual week’s worth of exercise. I’m not complaining though- I was feeling a little more run down this week, so I didn’t try to push myself too much. I feel a REALLY good week coming up!

I haven’t been really following the Best Body Bootcamp workouts either because I just wasn’t feeling it. I kind of wanted a break from something that was planned for me. Still, no complaints- even Tyler has been noticing how much more fit I look. Can’t hate that!

Anyone do something fun this weekend?