I hate hate hate when I don’t workout before a hair appointment. Now I’m gonna have to ruin this prettiness with gym sweat in a bit.

But first, I gotta clean this damn house.
And mail more sh*t.
And buy food. Human food and dog food. (note to self: don’t forget to get pumpkin purée for Layla- fiber helps the ‘ol anal glands)
And walk the pup.

Besides my super awesome hair job this morning,

My favorite part of the day has been eating chocolate chip cookies while watching Jessica Simpson -equipped with roughly a half dozen pairs of Spanx under her dress- talk about weight loss. Bwahaha

If you are supremely disappointed with this short post, I suggest you hop on over to Athena’s blog and check out a sweet dinner recipe I wrote about (meat and cheese are ingredients, so click on over!)

Last but not least, Layla says hi.

Nonchalantly, of course.