Thursday Things

Hi friends and happy Thursday! I feel like I have SO MUCH to share and now that I’ve finally sat down to type it all out- I can’t remember any of it. Grr. Wait? It’s Thursday already? How the hell … Continue reading

Haskap Berry Sangria

Hi friends and happy Monday to ya! I thought I’d start the week off with a cocktail recipe. Yesterday, Tyler and I wanted a cocktail (because that’s what you crave amidst home renovations and a cranky baby) so I rummaged … Continue reading

Double Chocolate Granola Bars

You guys….I have no idea how these granola bars have made it this long before coming into my life. SERIOUSLY. They are so freaking tasty and easy to make, it’s ridiculous. Even better? They’re not so terribly bad for you … Continue reading

Protein Balls

Hi friends, happy Tuesday! Remember last week how I was all whiny about not knowing what the heck my ‘presence’ was on the internet? Am I a mama blogger, healthy living blogger, beer blogger…yadda yadda? Well, I’ve decided that I’m … Continue reading