Saturday Sign Off

Hello Internet,

It’s almost 1:30am MST and I’m just getting to bed. This isn’t an unusual bedtime for a weekend, but I have to be up in 3 1/2 hours to catch a flight.

Tyler and I had a pretty full day today: B&E for breakfast, made chocolate chip bars, ran errands, ran 5.2 miles, watched football, made homemade bolognese, brewed a batch of beer and a batch of wine, and watched Storage Wars and Locked up Abroad. Productive.

Layla on the other hand: ate, pooped, and slept. Nothing different.






In about 12 hours time, ill be giving my mom a wet willy and telling my dad to drive faster.

On a side note: if you are in the Calgary, Chicago or Albany airport tomorrow and you see a girl in stretchy pants doing walking lunges throughout the terminal, say hi cuz it’s me. (And buy me food because I don’t have any American money on me).

I plan on posting like I regularly do throughout my trip (in case you were wondering. Which you probably weren’t.)

Last but not least:

Leave a comment (please) so that i’ll have lots to read when I can finally take advantage of wifi in my parents house. Stupid Canadian phone will cost an arm and a leg to use in the states so i’ll be stealing any and all wifi that pops up. Most likely at a Panera.

Ok. Wait. Now this is the last comment I have for this post. For reals. The other night I dreamt I was married to the guy that plays the alien dad on The Neighbors.

Sigh. I need to not watch that show before bed. Ever again.