A Tabata workout

Many of you probably won’t read this until the new year (totally fine by me). Here’s a great workout I did the other day that really kicked my butt. Hint: It incorporates a mat, stability ball, weights, gliders, and TRX bands.

The entier workout was done tabata-style (20 seconds of WORK, 10 seconds of REST, repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. In each of the tabatas, I alternated between the coupling of moves (i.e.: 1st round pushups, 2nd round tricep extensions, 3rd round pushups….etc.)

Round 1

  • jump squats
  • TRX jump squats

Round 2

  • TRX tricep extensions
  • Pushups

Round 3

  • Stability ball jackknife
  • TRX plank crunch

Round 4

  • Plank jacks
  • TRX bicep curl

Round 5

  • Reverse glide lunge L
  • Weighted Lunge Pulse L

Round 6

  • V raise
  • Stability ball rollout

Round 7

  • Reverse glide lunge R
  • Weighted Lunge Pulse R

Round 8

  • Single Arm Overhead Reach Press L
  • Single Arm Overhead Reach Press R

Yesterday’s workout consisted of a 48 minute interval run. I repeated a set that looked like this:

  • 1 min run
  • 1 min walk
  • 2 min run
  • 1 min walk
  • 2 min run

With each set, I would shorten the ‘rest’ (or walk) time.

I also do sets of single leg dead lefts and arnold presses.

Today’s workout was a 30 minute spin at the gym followed by a walk with the dog and some full body moves with the TRX bands.

I guess I’m ready to put on a sparkly shirt and celebrate NYE.

I have noticed in the blog world that just about everyone is posting things about their 2012 and goals for 2013. If you read my blog, you pretty much already know what happened in 2012.

  1. Quit my job in Boston
  2. Flew to Florida for 10 days
  3. Drove from Boston to Calgary
  4. Moved in with boy
  5. Engaged to said boy
  6. Submit application for Permanent Residency
  7. Do nothing
  8. Bake
  9. Eat
  10. Workout
  11. Sleep
  12. Walk Dog
  13. Volunteer at YMCA
  14. Visit NY/Boston
  15. Stop volunteering at YMCA

The end. Totally not as exciting as others. 

Hmmm, what else is there to say?

– I made chewy chocolate chip bars that are THEBOMB.COM—-> so tasty.

– I started a new book called An Embarrassment of Mangoes. So far so good.

– I go home in 13 days!!!!!!!

– I tried growing out my eyebrows, but couldn’t take it after about a month. P.S: Do the girls on Survivor get to shave? I mean….they ARE all wearing bikinis all the time….just a thought.

That is all. See ya next year.

I’m back

I honestly just haven’t felt like blogging lately. Mostly because my posts would probably sound like every other blogger’s posts about winter or Christmas or presents or favorites from 2012, etc…but then when you take those topics out of the equation, I really have nothing to write about. Therein lies the dilemma.

If you follow me on Instagram, you pretty much get the idea of how life has been as of late. Lots of yummy eats, and even more adult beverages. In some sort of brief recap:

December 21st– We went to The Keg. Insert the best filet mignon meal ever. And a martini, of course.



December 22nd– Lunch at Smashburger



Christmas Eve- made pork tenderloin with broccoli, balsamic mushrooms, and 7 grain rice. And double chocolate cookies 😉




Christmas Day- Cinnamon Buns for breakfast. Ham, creamed corn, glazed carrots, and twice baked potatoes for dinner.




December 29th– Eggs Benny for breakfast. Homemade pizza for dins.




Ok, food pictures are over. Onto workout stuff.

Tyler got me some pretty effin sweet gifts this Christmas. Two of my ‘biggies’ were fitness related. TRX and a Nike+ Fuelband!



Tyler actually completely dumped my computer for me (so that it would run faster) and he downloaded the new software. It runs SO MUCH FASTER. Once that was done, I set up my Nike+ profile and slapped on the FuelBand right away to see how it worked. And I totally love it! It tracks my active time, distance, calories, and the Fuel I have earned for the day. So awesome.

And I broke out the TRX bands the other day to incorporate a pretty sweet full-body tabata workout. (I’ll post that workout soon!)



I signed up for Round 4 of Best Body Bootcamp! The sign up deadline is tomorrow and Bootcamp starts January 7th for 8 weeks (and it’s only $25!)


Layla tried to take part in all my at-home workouts.



I also got to the gym quite a few times for cardio sessions (spin/run)

And on a final note, Tyler booked my trip home! I leave for NY on January 13th for a couple weeks, and I’m super excited!

Ok wait, one more final note: Check out pv.body (if you haven’t already).


It’s the monthly mail subscription that assesses your fitness apparel likes and sends you one top and one bottom each month. They’re top name brands, and they generally retail for considerably more than what you pay for the subscription! If you sign up through me, via this link, you get 20% of the normal purchase price of $49. And you’re locked in at that price. I suggest you check it out… I have gotten a few of the boxes already and love the clothing! (Free returns.exchanges, too!)



What are some good eats you’ve had recently? 

What about workouts?!!


Getting Wordy. ON A FRIDAY!

I seem to think of the greatest things to blog about when I’m at the gym. Of course, I don’t have anything with me to jot them down, so I forget them. Le sigh. But I vaguely remember what I thought of last night: workout stuff.

1. While I was on the treadmill last night (only did 20 minutes of intervals) I thought of how I used to ONLY do cardio in college. In fact, right after volleyball ended my freshman year, I was doing 2 hours of cardio a DAY. I was exhausted all the time, had no muscle definition, and was starting to lose hair. (Fast forward through xmas break and I gained it all back). My point is, quantity isn’t quality. Hell, I am now in the best shape of my life and I only do about 30 minutes of exercise a day. I LISTEN TO MY BODY. NOT MY MIND. What do I mean by that? Well, I don’t go in to my workout thinking “ok, I’m gonna get an hour under my belt” Then, 40 minutes in, when my knee is hurting or whatever, I push through it to reach that 60 minute mark, and before you know it, I have an injury. Nope. Not anymore! I give my ALL in a workout, and when my body tells me it’s done- it’s done! No more “3 more minutes”. I also used to have the mindset where if I didn’t have a solid hour (with cushion time on either end) there was no way I can get in a good workout, and I would forego the gym (insert 200 lb Jen senior year). 

2. That said, my workouts aren’t mindless. Before, I would get on a piece of gym equipment and turn off my brain until I saw the time reach a certain number. Well, um, if my brain is asleep during the workout, then surely my body will be as well. Now, I really think about the work I’m doing. Pushups are no longer a threat- I concentrate on form and give it my all, whether it be 6 in a row one day or 14 in a row another day. 

3. REST IS IMPORTANT. Can’t stress it enough (even though I still feel guilty on occasion when I have rest days) I generally workout 6 days a week, but sometimes that 6th day is so hard to get through. youknowwhatimean. A few months ago, I started taking back to back days off- with maybe a set of abs or arms if I was bored in front of the TV. Guess what? I saw results! My metabolism started getting more regular, I was being more mindful of keeping a balance diet (still eating treats and hamburgers, obviously. Oh, and drinking) But I was just more AWARE. And that first day back to the gym after 2 rest days is MAGICAL. I can fly on the treadmill and plow through a strength workout. It’s glorious. My body and my mind are in a better place to get cracking on the next week!

4. CHANGE IT UP. Another thing you’ve probably already heard, but I am applying it to my situation. Prior to the big move, I had my weekly workouts pretty much set. I was a regular at a billion classes, taught another billion, and had a go-to workout when I wasn’t in a class. Lots of stress on my bones and my muscles, and on top of working full time and being in school- I should have taken more me-time then gym-time. Hindsight is always 20/20. Now (graced will a blank schedule 24/7) I have the freedom to change my workouts. I take ZERO group classes, I do lots of at-home workouts, I joined Best Body Bootcamp, started researching new exercises, intervals, etc. online, and implemented them in my workouts. My off days have switched from mid-week to weekend and back about 409257329 times. I spin, run, row, do body weight cardio and strength, tabatas, circuits, pyramids, steady state, endurance, you.name.it. I don’t plan my workouts in advance. I don’t want to go to bed on a Tuesday night stressing that I have an arm-heavy workout the next day or that I have to run or whatever. I usually decide my workout about 5 minutes before I actually do it. AND IT’S AWESOME.

5. Don’t pay attention to the number on the scale. Ok, well that’s a tricky one. And there are many arguments for either side. But I am explaining mine! Ok, maybe it’s not the number on the scale thing, but it’s the size on the tag of your clothes thing. A year ago (July 2011) this is me at about 165lbs (5’11).



And here I am now, same height, different weight (145), and I still fit into all the same clothes in my closet. See: same shorts.



The clothes in my closet vary in all sorts of sizes- from 6 to 14, and I still wear all of them. It depends on the manufacturer (and letsbehonest the size whatever jeans that are your go-to’s have stretched out, so……) my Lulu’s range from 6-10 because they vary in fits. Does it piss me off? Not anymore. Those red cords I recently bought are 12s and I don’t care cuz I LOVE EM. And they’re comfy. AND RED! I bought a pair of tribal leggings that went according to my height and weight, and when I got them, I couldn’t even pull them over my hips. Mad because I really wanted to wear them. NOT MAD because they were stupidly sized and it is what it is. 

Well that was a mouthful.

THAT SAID. I made fudge.




If you’ve never made fudge with fluff, then you’re missing out. It’s what my mom always uses and it’s THE BEST.

And I have plans to drink a bleu cheese olive martini tonight. And steak.

And Layla plans to park in on the couch.



Happy weekend!

Forgotten Cookies and a Circuit Workout (because cookies and workouts go together)

You’d think with all this free time I have that I’d be able to keep up with blogging everyday. You’d think.

Yesterday afternoon, Layla started drooling like CRA-ZAY. Tyler thinks her drooling is linked to her butt issue (oh, you don’t know about the butt issue? She starts yelping and getting in downward dog position. Apparently her anal glands fill with fluid, so she has to have them expressed at the vet) so of course, I was on edge all last night about it.


The drooling from yesterday made it inevitable that she would start yelping today, but so far so good (knock on wood).

In light of some butt-talk, I have a cool recipe for ya: Forgotten cookies!


I don’t think you could mess these up if you tried. They’re called forgotten cookies because you can mix the ingredients together, put them in the oven and forget about them!


  • 2 egg whites
  • pinch of salt
  • 2/3 sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)



  1. Preheat oven to 350 and line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. In a large bowl, beat the egg whites and salt until they get foamy. Slowly add the sugar (still beating), and continue until the mixture form stiff peaks.
  3. Fold in the vanilla, chocolate chips, and nuts. Spoon onto baking sheets.
  4. Place the cookies in the oven. As soon as your shut the oven door, turn the oven off and leave the cookies in there overnight (or 5-6 hours).


Yesterday, I also got my Glymm Box in the mail.


A couple of goodies: lip gloss, fake eyelashes, $10 gift card, nail polish remover, and $20 off a panty of the month club (umm, no thanks).


Tyler and I are having a date night on Friday, so I’m thinking of slapping those lashes on the ol’ eye curtains. I predict I’ll either look like a drag queen or….a drag queen.

For your entertainment:

The 12 Daze of Christmas (performed by Fay McKay) If you’ve never heard it, you’ll get a chuckle. *and a tree….and a tree…and a treeeeee innn the meaaaadowwwwww*

(Not gonna lie, I’m sitting here staring at my computer trying to think of what to write next. I have nothing else to do except an at home workout that I have yet to write)

Ok, perhaps we should do that! (Give me 5 minutes so I can write it on paper first, then I’ll type it.)

….5 minutes later…

GOT IT. Here’s my workout for the evening that I choose to share with you:

Warm up tabata: alternating between skiiers and jump squats

5 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

  • 10 bicep curls
  • 20 reverse lunges
  • 10 crunches
  • 20 donkey kicks

Cardio tabata: alternatig between jumping jacks and side to side lunges

5 minute AMRAP of:

  • 10 deadlifts
  • 20 overhead press crunch
  • 10 sit-n-stands
  • 20 prone ball glute press

Cardio tabata: alternating between mountain climbers and jump rope

Polish it off with the following at your own pace:

  • 50 single leg stability ball squat (each side)
  • 50 pushups
  • 50 leg lifts

What’s your favorite holiday song? What’s your favorite go-to exercise at home?

Pv.body. and stuff.

Insert proper Monday morning (ok, afternoon) greeting here.

For some reason, I had WAY too much P&V yesterday. I was running around the house, doing laundry, playing with the pup, and annoying Tyler. 

Oh, and BAKING. Love me some baking. And after a gallon of delicious Tim Horton’s coffee, I needed me some sugar and buttah. 

Then this happened.



It was super duper easy to make. I threw together a batch of brownies. For this baking endeavor, I used this recipe (including the attached recipe for frosting).

I then made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and took spoonfuls and placed them over the brownie mixture. Baked at 350 for 35 minutes. Topped with the frosting them a little holiday decor, and BAM



Insert 30 minute blogging intermission while I called people in NY to book hair and makeup for the w-e-d-d-i-n-g.

I got in a SWEET workout yesterday. 30 minutes of spin. It was SUPER sweaty and I’m pretty sure my face was beet red for at least hours.




This time it was slow cooked steak and sriracha-slaw mayo in corn tortillas. Yum.



Couple of things: I am currently watching the Bachelor Wedding that I taped last night. 1-800-CORNY. US Weekly will report their divorce in approx.  months. That’s just my guess.

Also, have you noticed that a ton of bloggers are having a day of no blogging in respect to the shootings in CT? But they POST that they’re not posting that day. Makes no sense. My guess is that the post still generates views which appeases their advertisers which still makes them money. Just a guess. Not trying to detract from the notion of remembering those lost last Friday (no trying to be disrespectful AT ALL!).

Don’t be mad at me for writing that. It’s just my opinion.

Oh hey, so today my pv.body order arrived this morning!



I specifically submitted in my style quiz that I like black crops and racerbacks, yet ended up with bright pants and a long sleeved top. I sent them an e-mail asking where the mixup was. Strangely though, I loved both pieces! I think the leggings will be worn more for casual wear rather than workouts, but the top is super thin and breathable and has thumbsleeves which is awesome.

Interested in signing up for this awesome monthly fitness wear subscription? Click here and you can get 20% of the price! You can cancel any time, and they honor exchanges if you get incorrect sizes. If you order, let me know! And, tell me what you think when you get your package!

Check out this 2012 Pop Music Mashup:

This is now in the crockpot:



I’ll talk about how delicious (I’m hoping it will be) tomorrow.

I totally just purged my entire email inbox. Feels really good.

I already pretend to be on a “sick day” when delivery people come to the door and I answer it at 1pm in my PJ’s.

Tyler has a SWEET ugly-ass christmas sweater that I can wear to said-themed party tomorrow.

I had another nightmare last night that made me sit up and scream in the middle of the night. It was a a combination of Survivor (did you watch the finale last night?!!) and my on-and-off sleep paralysis.

What’s your favorite piece of workout clothing? Favorite thing to make in the crockpot? Favorite thing about this post? Favorite thing about December?