Worth Mentioning

Well, it’s Monday. I’d say its back to the grind, but that’s not really the case…. for me anyways. It won’t be back to the grind until I’m home in Calgary where I have my routine with the pup, etc. And especially when I’m back to my usual eating habits! This isn’t technically a vacation, so I don’t think it’s ok that I have gained 5 pounds (not important in the overall scheme of life, but very important for the wedding dress fitting). Until then, it is what it is!

So…some things worth mentioning:

-check out Athena’s recap of this past weekend. She did a way better job than I did.

-have you heard of Vine?

It’s an app that is similar to Instagram, except with 6 second videos! I recently joined, so if you find yourself on Vine, make sure to follow me!!


-I had a bowl of oats this morning for the first time in almost a year! I topped it with a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, wild bluebs, and walnuts. Accompanied with a couple cups of strong coffee, and I was super satisfied.

I think I was reluctant to get back into oats because they are usually calorie dense with all the add-ins, but I knew I needed some of the nutrients in addition to the staying power!

– Today’s strength workout was courtesy of Best Body Bootcamp. I only slightly modified it to make it look like this:

    Round 1 (to be continuously repeated for 15 minutes)
    Single leg dead lifts, L and R (12)
    Plank w/row (12)
    Standing oblique crunch with knee raise and overhead press (12)
    Round 2 (to be continuously repeated for 15 minutes)
    Gliding reverse lunge (12)
    Dead lift with row (12)
    Cross body curl (12)

I made my own cardio intervals to be done on the treadmill. It looked like this:


And since its snowing cats and dogs, I’m hoping to get back on the treadmill tonight to walk while I watch Biggest Loser!

– I got an email from Citizenship and Immigration Canada today that said I have passed the initial assessment for my permanent resident application! Such good, happy news. I can’t even begin to explain to you the frustration, tears, and anticipation Tyler and I have he’d over all of this. (The tears were min, obviously. Boys don’t cry)

-because of the above mentioned bullet point, there is current a bottle of prosecco in the fridge.

-my Nike+ Fuelband broke last week. Apparently, you are not supposed to charge them through a wall outlet. It’s only supposed to be charged through a device that had a time chip. But, since Nike doesn’t tell you that, you kill it, and then wind up talking to customer service for an hour attempting to troubleshoot only to have to have a replacement sent. Run on sentence? Yes. Frustrated? Heck yes.

-mama is making a Wacky cake. Yay!