I Like Saturdays

I like Saturdays. REALLY like Saturdays. Yeah, I know, every day is like a Saturday for me, but the REAL Saturday is the best. Everyone else is happy because it’s the start of the weekend! And good weather on a Saturday is even better.

This week, my Saturday was super. My friend Mackenzie picked me up at 8:30 and we headed out to Canmore.



Since we wanted a relatively easy and quick hike (so we could get back to Calgary in the early afternoon) we opted to do the Grassi Lakes Trail. The parking lot is just past the Nordic Center and had a few picnic tables and restrooms. Lots of trees and a beautiful path!



This hike is very easy. There were lots of families with young children and some older people, too. (Mom, Dad…ya hear that? YOU can do this hike!) On the ‘more difficult’ path, there was just a bit of a climb up some stone stairs, but most of that portion was accompanies by a handrail. You can opt out of the more difficult part, but you won’t get to see the beautiful waterfall!

At the top of the trail, there are the Grassi Lakes. They’re pretty small, but again REALLY beautiful. The path surrounding both lakes was scattered with benches, which would make a great lunch spot. If you go further up into the rocks, platforms were built for rock climbers to do their thing. The pictures don’t really capture the enormity of these mountains.



We went back down on the easy trail just to see how different it was. There was lots of grown up talk (about documentaries and terrorism and other global things) and we stopped for coffee at Good Earth down in town before making it back to Calgary.

After Mackenzie dropped me off at home, Tyler and I went out to run some errands. One of which turned out to be a pleasant surprise when Tyler got me a new pair of sneaks!!! (Seriously ranked up high on the gift list. Besides Lululemon, jewelry and kitchen appliances)



We rounded out the evening with some watermelon margaritas and weiners- topped with Dirt Dog sauce, the best stuff on earth.



Like I said, I like Saturdays.

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