Weekend Recap

I love love love long weekends. The extra day off (ok, well only off for Tyler) allows us to get way more done around the house AND have a little bit of relax-time!

Friday: I took Wes to Crossroads Market. I had never been to this farmer’s market before and was excited to see what they had to offer and how they compared to the others in Calgary. PLUS, Tyler messaged me saying he saw an ad in the paper that Taber corn was back! Yum..local corn= THE BEST. I ended up getting a bunch of corn, chocolate chip cookie dough fudge, BC peaches and some bison burger patties.

Tyler made steak for dinner and all was well with the world.


Saturday: We headed down to Inglewood for Sunfest. It was awesome weather and I was really excited for the three of us to get out of the house together, but the fest was the same as every other one we’ve been to before so we only did a quick lap and left. We attempted to have lunch at one of the restaurants, but they had no more shaded seating.


We opted to head to Craft for lunch. We were practically the only people in there which was for the better since Wes decided to be a bit vocal. I’m guessing if the place was full no one would have noticed, but we were able to grab lunch and a beer and get out of there in under an hour.

IMG_6913 IMG_6915 IMG_6916

The sun and the afternoon beer knocked us both out, so Tyler and I took turns taking naps when we got home. I also managed to do my workout before we settled down to watch a couple episodes of True Detectives.

Sunday: Tyler had daddy duty while I headed out to Canmore with Susie to hike Ha Ling. Funny story: we did this hike in August of last year and I was a few weeks pregnant and had no idea! Explains the fatigue. This time, it was MUCH easier to climb. I think it’s about 2.5 miles and 2,500 ft climb? Something like that. Beautiful view at the top.

IMG_6924 IMG_6926 IMG_6928

As we got towards the top- there’s a portion of scrambling and you can see and hear people having difficulty with their footing since it can get a bit tricky. The really brave will shuffle their way down (not my cup of tea since my center of gravity is pretty high). A few passed us as we were still climbing and one girl was gaining so much speed she lost control and totally face planted right in front of us. She was covered in dust and had scrapes all over her arms and legs and we quickly went to help her up. The excitement/fear of the fall caused her to freak out and she was convinced she broke both ankles, but we tried to calm her down and eventually her friend caught up and assured her she was fine. A) That was scary B) I tried to cheer her up by mentioning that her manicure still looked great.

When I got home, we had bison burgers for dinner and watched a few episodes of Ballers. (Anyone watching this? I love it!)



Monday: I made Tyler chocolate chip pancakes then handed him the baby so I could do my 21 day fix extreme workout for the day (1 of 2 since I didn’t do the designated workout on Sunday. Had to double up!) We did a ton of house-stuff, I took Wes for a long walk, did my second 21dfx workout, took the dogs for a long walk, then ate a fajita wrap. The end.


How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap

Hi friends, happy Monday! I wish employers gave everyone the summer off so that Tyler could stay home with us when the weather’s nice. There’s so much to do! Ok, recapping the last few days:

Friday: I took Wes to the mall to get a few more short-sleeve sleepers. I ended up finding a SKIRT (insert gasp here) and flip flops for myself as well. I attempted to take Wes for a walk when we got home, but the sun was pretty hot. I managed to walk a route that was mostly shaded (almost 3 miles?) and made sure he got some of the breeze through the blanket I used to cover him from the sun. He actually slept through the walk, which allowed me to enjoy a beer on the patio while he finished off his nap! And then Tyler and I enjoyed a DELICIOUS steak dinner (made with my new favorite potato salad recipe) and watched Chappie once Wes went to sleep.

photo 2-57

photo 1-60

Saturday: We drove out to Canmore to have lunch at The Grizzly Paw. This was one of our favorite places to go to for a meal and definitely for beer because both are so delicious. BUT, this time was different. Not only did they put us at the most awkwardly-positioned table (for Wes’s carseat to fit) but the food was terrible, and the prices were raised! We were so disappointed that our go-to spot is now off the list. 😦 At least it was a beautiful day out so the trip wasn’t a complete waste.

photo 5-18

photo 4-28

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around the house (ummm YES to A/C!). Tyler made dirt dog sauce for dinner and we watched some PVR’d episodes of Jimmy Fallon and SNL. I think the heat and the drive wiped us out because we both went to bed early!

photo 1-61

Sunday: GUYS–> Wes slept for 12 hours. That’s insane. Sure, it makes him stay awake for most of the day, but I’d prefer that over a crap night! I mowed the lawn and worked out before it got too hot out, then Tyler went to football practice (dumb idea- he’s a lobster now!) I was able to escape to the patio for a few minutes for some sun, but only lasted 20 minutes…if that. WOOF it was hot. The dogs wouldn’t even go out there! The rest of the day was spent doing chores and entertaining the wee one. We were in bed by 9:30 and that’s that.

photo 2-58

photo 3-44


Hi there! How are you? I sure do wish we had another 3 day weekend. Working 5 days in a row is HARD.
Recapping stuff from the past week (or so):
Hot yoga: I haven’t gone in over 5 months and I returned by taking a BV class. And did an upper body workout the next day. Umm, bad idea. I couldn’t use my arms for the rest of the week because they were so sore. I was this close to having Tyler help me wash my hair a couple of times.
Hiking: Susie and I hiked Ha Ling in Canmore on Saturday. Crazy part is: I thought I would be massively sore from the serious incline of the hike…but I wasn’t! How was a hot yoga class more painful than a hike that lasted a couple hours? Who knows, I won’t question it. Other cool things about the hike: yelling “HEY BEAR’ instead of carrying bear spray–> even though it’s a heavily trafficked path, YOU NEVER KNOW. Also, I needed to bring more water. Also, big horn sheep have big balls (I think they should have an interchangable name: big horn sheep/big balled sheep). Also, beer and nachos at Grizzly Paw afterwards is a GREAT way to refuel. One more thing: charge your phone before you climb a mountain. That way you can upload more pics to facebook. Because everyone knows it’s priority to facebook what you do rather than actually ENJOYING THE MOMENT. I’m being half sarcastic/half serious here.
 8.11 hike
Sangaritas: omygod do it. Mix 1/2 sangria, 1/2 marg mix and tequila and BOOM. Instant happiness.
 photo 1-18
Beagles and water don’t mix: This one just makes me sad. We took the pups to the river on Sunday and there are so many people with their dogs. All of them go in except for the damn beagles. Seriously, I saw other beagles/beagle owners standing on the shore watching as other dogs cool off and splash around. I tried picking Reggie up and putting his feet in the water a bit, but I’m pretty sure a part of his soul died when that happened. So we brought the water to him.
Hair: I put blonde back in! Phew, I feel 102491824x better. I don’t know what the heck I was thinking by making my hair gradually darker. It just doesn’t suit me. Although I almost wish it did because it would be WAY less expensive to maintain.
photo 2-17
Highlight: I booked a flight home to New York for a week in October! I’m also planning a road trip to Boston for a day or two. The older I get, the more excited I am to fly home. And have mom wash my bras and make me food.
Hope you have a great week! My pup buddies say hi

The Return of Sunday No-fun Day

Since I can remember, I hated Sundays. The weekend is over=the fun is over. Time to either to get ready for a week of work, or to complete last minute schoolwork (or both). Up until this past December, I would wake up on Sunday mornings and just be in a day-long state of anxiety because of what the week would bring. Granted, the stress of work was eliminated from my mind about 18 months ago, but I was still in school- which in some cases was even worse. 

The last 8 months have been pretty great. No stress. Ok some stress, because I was TRYING to find another job. But that whole Sunday shitty feeling was gone. 


I start my new job tomorrow. I’m kinda nervous. Mostly because I am going to be responsible for stuff again. Like MONEY stuff. Not just making sure the house is clean and the dogs are still alive. 

Plus, there’s my sanity. I’m really hoping to enjoy this new experience while also maintaining all the fun stuff I’ve been able to enjoy in the last year and a half. Fun stuff being: workouts, baking, dog walking and napping. Not to mention the ability to not acquire desk job muffin top.




Ok, so my last ‘free’ weekend was pretty good. We picked Reggie up from the vet on Friday night after his surgery. It went really well, and he ended up snuggling with us on the couch for the rest of the night.



Saturday, Tyler and I headed out to Canmore. We had lunch at our favorite place, The Grizzly Paw, then took a quick drive to hike the High Line Trail. We didn’t do the entire trail, but we got through a good chunk of it before turning around and heading back (rather than completing the loop).



We parked near Quarry Lake, where a lot of families had come to make it a beach day. By the time we were ready to leave, there were tons of vendors setting up for what looked to be like a wedding. If it was, it was a beautiful location to get hitched!



And of course, I napped in the car on the way home. And Tyler made us dinner. Yum yum.



Time to meal prep for the week!

How was your weekend?

I Like Saturdays

I like Saturdays. REALLY like Saturdays. Yeah, I know, every day is like a Saturday for me, but the REAL Saturday is the best. Everyone else is happy because it’s the start of the weekend! And good weather on a Saturday is even better.

This week, my Saturday was super. My friend Mackenzie picked me up at 8:30 and we headed out to Canmore.



Since we wanted a relatively easy and quick hike (so we could get back to Calgary in the early afternoon) we opted to do the Grassi Lakes Trail. The parking lot is just past the Nordic Center and had a few picnic tables and restrooms. Lots of trees and a beautiful path!



This hike is very easy. There were lots of families with young children and some older people, too. (Mom, Dad…ya hear that? YOU can do this hike!) On the ‘more difficult’ path, there was just a bit of a climb up some stone stairs, but most of that portion was accompanies by a handrail. You can opt out of the more difficult part, but you won’t get to see the beautiful waterfall!

At the top of the trail, there are the Grassi Lakes. They’re pretty small, but again REALLY beautiful. The path surrounding both lakes was scattered with benches, which would make a great lunch spot. If you go further up into the rocks, platforms were built for rock climbers to do their thing. The pictures don’t really capture the enormity of these mountains.



We went back down on the easy trail just to see how different it was. There was lots of grown up talk (about documentaries and terrorism and other global things) and we stopped for coffee at Good Earth down in town before making it back to Calgary.

After Mackenzie dropped me off at home, Tyler and I went out to run some errands. One of which turned out to be a pleasant surprise when Tyler got me a new pair of sneaks!!! (Seriously ranked up high on the gift list. Besides Lululemon, jewelry and kitchen appliances)



We rounded out the evening with some watermelon margaritas and weiners- topped with Dirt Dog sauce, the best stuff on earth.



Like I said, I like Saturdays.