Friday Events

Not much to report on this end.

But, it’s Friday!!!


So that’s exciting.

Yesterday the dogs and I headed to the park for a little fun in the sun.


This morning I woke up sore as a muthah. Last’s nights yoga class had a lot of newbies and a few of them were talking throughout class. Talk about ruining the vibe. Very hard to throw my leg up behind my head when there’s giggling going on, ya know.


Pup had to go to the vet this afternoon to determine whether or not his broken tooth needed to be extracted. Sure enough, it does.


Hitting up my last hot yoga class of the week. Good thing cats aren’t allowed in the studio.


I’m making pizza for dinner


(Speaking of Breaking Bad, I’m already halfway through season 4. It’s so good!)

And we’re having MARGARIIIIIIIIIITAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!! (Said in excited Oprah voice)


That’s all for now, catch ya later!

One thought on “Friday Events

  1. Aw, sorry to hear about your pups tooth! Hope it goes well!
    I’ve heard Breaking Bad is good but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll have to plan a marathon on the couch sometime soon. Hello relaxation! 🙂

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