Winesday Wednesday 11/6

It is my firm belief that this here blog has the smallest reach on the internet. Heck, on days I don’t post there are only about 10 people IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD that check out my blog. Do I really care? Not entirely, but sometimes it can get to me that I spend a lot of time putting stuff together and publish. Perhaps if I wasn’t in Canada? Nah, the internet has no borders (unless you’re in North Korea I suppose) and it’s about time I stop blaming everything on the country that supplies me with free health care. 

This is the part where I COULD go on a tangent about how I’ve not paid for a single physical, dentist appt, prescription, AND my GP sends me to other specialists (aka: dermatologist) just for funsies. Yeah, it comes out in the form of taxes on my pay check, but yeah ok whatever.



Then again, I should probably just stop complaining in general. Although you have to admit, I haven’t posted many woes in quite some time! Unless you follow me on twitter, then you’d see that I have an unruly hate towards Calgary Transit, but so does every other Calgarian.

Let me continue on my mini rant.. As I was saying, my blog is tiny. I have no giveaways, I don’t have traveling adventures to recount, and I certainly don’t eat anything interesting. Sometimes I log on and will word vomit a teeny tiny little post just so that some of you will remember I still exist.



I get really excited creating workouts or sharing recipes, or recounting some of the latest crap I’ve bought, but I think my favorite thing so far on my little piece of internet are my Winesday Wednesday posts! I really just love participation- knowing that some of you actually want to contribute to my weekly post of booze (and it doesn’t have to be BOOZE- I’m talking to all you pregnant, nursing, or recovering alcoholics) gives me just a huge ass feeling of awesome.



This week’s contribution is even tinier than last week’s, but no submission goes ungrateful in my eyes. So thank you to those who tweet, instagram, facebook, or email me stuff!


First up, Keith sent me one of his latests:

“Here’s a new vintage, an Italian Nebbiolo from earlier this year. Barely 4 months in the bottle, and it’s a light, tasty wine that goes down very very easy. I think this is going to be amazing in a year or so.”



Which reminds me, Tyler and I need to get our wine-making pants back on. We are gonna run low!

My friend Crystie, posted this awesome photo on my facebook:



Yup, I need to get rich SOON so this can happen. Until then, I shall drink out of the bottles. [That’s a joke, I pour it into a glass first. Most of the time]

This past weekend, I actually went over to Crystie’s house for a little blind wine party. Six of us each brought a bottle of wine that was concealed in a brown paper bag and numbered. We tested each (twice!) and voted on our favorite. We ended up picking the one Crystie picked out, but since she was hosting the party, we went with the #2 choice to win the prize- a $15 gift card to Starbucks! We then continued sipping the wines and munching on all the goodies Crystie supplied. It was a super fun night and I found some wines I liked that I would not have normally purchased.



That’s all I’ve got for you this week, so please PLEASE please send me your stuff for upcoming posts! Have a happy Winesday Wednesday everyone!

13 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday 11/6

  1. LOL well, I like your little blog. You’ve got a perky writing style and I love anyone who’s canadian and loves wine. There is no better.

    Hang in there….the volume will come.


  2. oh crap…I just realize you’re actually american. Okay, well….I’ll still like you anyway lol…. I’m from toronto, but I live on the west side of LA. My hubbie works in Irvine tho, and is currently stuck in shitty traffic on the 405 (what else is new?). I hope that gives you a little touch of home.

    Oh, and it was 80 degrees here today….

  3. I will admit that sometimes it’s hard to read or come up with a comment when there is a lot of complaining/whining happening in your posts. Just being honest. And have you done things to find new readers or keep the ones you have? Meaning go out and comment on new blogs that you have things in common with or comment on the blogs of your consistent readers? I know you say that you aren’t at a computer a lot, but maybe that might help your readership. Not that I know everything about blogging, but have found that works for me. I like the workout posts as it gives me ideas for at home workouts when I need some motivation 🙂

    I’d contribute to WW if I drank, but I’m the strange one who doesn’t like beer or wine 🙂

  4. If I weren’t quite so lame I would send you a picture of some of my wine drinking but…
    Now, I need to find one of those wine machines and convince my husband that I NEED it!!!

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