Today, this week rather, has been completely emotionally and physically taxing. I don’t even know how to talk about how I’ve been feeling. Mostly because I don’t have the time. And I’m too tired. Ha. I think the thing that’s been on the front of my mind has been my physical feeling- I have been eating fantastically, drinking tons of water, and exercising on a regular basis. Yet, with the start of this job I have slowly been gaining the weight back. I have so many assumptions of the culprit, but I can’t seem to overcome it!

A couple reasons why this bothers me. Even though I KNOW I’m healthy, I just don’t feel good. And another (vain) reason is because I don’t want this apparent weight gain to cause an outward thought that I’m ‘letting go.’ Meh. Stupid female brain. It is mostly how I FEEL though. 

Onward and upward.

I have some latest things that I want to share!

Fleece Lined Leggings. I picked these up on a whim while we were at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t until this week that I opened them up to see how they fit. And, well…….they did. But they didn’t. There was no waistband to hold the suckers up! Not worth trying to amend on my own. They’ll probably wind up just being leggings I wear around the house. Only because I know Tyler doesn’t mind seeing a little crack from time to time.



Winter is coming. And just as I slapped on last year’s pair of boots, I realized the heel on the left boot was shot. I can’t risk waiting till I get to the states to buy them on the cheap, so I headed to the mall the other day to utilize a coupon. Come to find out these puppies were already on sale. SO, for a pair of boots that retails on the brand website for $170, I only paid $100! Good deal, Jen. Good deal.



On my weekly grocery shopping trip, I was in the baking aisle to stock up on all my baking ingredients, and I noticed that Peanut Butter & Co. products were on sale. They’re super expensive here, so I never indulged in a jar for the longest time. I caved and bought the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. Still can’t decide whether I’m gonna enjoy this sucker by the spoonful, or whether I’m gonna bake something masterful with it.



I went for tea the other day with a coworker at Second Cup. I had never been there before, so I relied on my coworker for a good tea selection. She recommended the Maple tea. Hot dang it was so good. I really just wanted a stack of pancakes after I finished my cup!



A hair product that I should’ve mentioned a while back is something my hair dresser uses on me every time I go. After I found out what it was, I wondered WHY she would ever using a ‘thickening’ product on my Medusa of a scalp. But this Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray works. However I style my hair using that product, is exactly how my hair stays. That’s something every lady wants, right? In case you were wondering, I actually spray it into wet hair, sleep, then style the next day (on most occasions).


Are you looking for the best cookie recipe of all time? Then head on over to Sally’s Baking Addiction and make her Favorite Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies. In her post, she tries all sorts of mix ins. I went with white chocolate chips as my mix in of choice. And that, my friends, is the best decision I’ve ever made. I want to bake these cookies over and over and over and over again until my oven breaks. (Maybe a slight exaggeration, as I just made a chocolate pie)

PS: regarding my rant at the beginning of this post. You may say Duh Jen stop eating all that shit and you’ll feel better’. Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. I enjoy in moderation. It keeps the cravings to a minimum AND I can still have some of my favorite sweets.



SOCKS. Lots of fun socks. These were a steal at Target. The ankle socks were 75 cents and the knee highs were $1.50. Really can’t beat it. (I looked on the Canadian Target website and you can’t buy anything! So the link is to the US website. Silly Canada)


Favorite workout song I came across on Pandora: 

Two exercise moves I’ve utilized lately (and love):

Last, but certainly not least, my sweet score of the week. I hit the RW & Co. at the mall during my lunch the other day and found this sweater (Originally $65) on sale for $14!!! Nothing like a good savings. To offset the savings, I also purchased two tanks. 




What are some of your latests?

7 thoughts on “Latests

  1. meh! We all have times where we feel like that, but it sounds like you’re doing everything right: walking/taking PT to work, walking on your lunch… and you eat veggie plates for lunch! haha Give it some time, everything will even out 🙂
    I loveeee PB&Co peanut butter and Cinnamon Raisin is great… just make sure you mix it well so the raisins don’t all hang out at the bottom… that’s no fun at all.

  2. Stress is a big culprit especially if everything else is the same. I’m in the same boat, but now I’m realizing that yes I am stressed, yes I don’t sleep well, I am overeating by about 500-1000 cals a day. I’m not gaining horrendously (yet) but I was starting to really wonder why i can’t lose this excess fat I’ve got hanging around. I don’t track my cals hardly ever but thought I should spot check for a week, and well I found my answer. I even had scheduled an appointment with the MD to get hormones checked (which takes weeks to get in anyways) as I didn’t want to look at stuff I could potentially be doing to cause it. Anyways, sorry for the rant there.

    Also, I know you have been in Canada for a little while now and not sure if you ever touched on how you have found the changes from one country to another, things even like what food we have available at the grocery store here in Canada or other stuff too. Not that you have to over-share your life with us of course!

    • In thinking lack of sleep is the culprit.
      Differences I’ve found in foods are really only price. There are a lot of different brand names too, but that’s no different than shopping from one store to another in the States. Not super brand loyal except for a few things that I can find here anyways!! (I think that’s what you were asking about, right?)

  3. Oooh, I definitely need some fleece leggings. Is this your first year in Canada? Do you like how it goes from summer –> winter without warning? It is bullshit.

    I’m gonna check out that thickening spray – I typically just use some dry shampoo to amp up my roots.

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