Latests 12/20 {& Giveaway Winner!}

I love a lot of things. Right now, what I’m loving most is the number of Xmas gifts under our tree. There’s only 2 of us! Yayyy for Christmas morning.
 photo 1
Wow I sound selfish. Whatever. At least I have a job this year so I can actually buy GOOD gifts! (Don’t worry mom and dad, yours will be in the mail shortly- and they’re pretty good gifts, too)
I really want to post all the goodies I’ve bought for others here, but it looks like that’ll have to wait until next week. I’m really good at spoiling the surprise, so I MUST stay tight lipped until then! But what I CAN share with you are some of my other favorite things as of late:
Gingerbread cookies. I am 27 years old and this is my first time making them. I’m such an idiot that I didn’t even buy ginger for the recipe [GINGERbread, Jen!] and had Tyler run out last minute to pick some up. The verdict? They came out pretty perfect! The dough tasted a little too spicy (obviously I tried it) but the baked end-result had the perfect flavor, texture and color. Yayy for a first time success!
 photo 2
Spaghetti Squash Ricotta Casserole from Athena. The flavor of this bad boy was amazing, but my end product was a tad watery–maybe I should have pat-dried the squash before mixing with all the ingredients? Meh, whatever…it still tasted divine (Athena, even Tyler loved it! And there was no meat in it! YAYYYYY). I highly recommend this dish if you want a healthy alternative that doesn’t lack in flavor!
 photo 3
Naps on the C-train. Yes, I am that awkward lady all bundled up and head bobbing every which way until I arrive at my stop. I love these little cat naps though because a.) it’s a much better thing to do than make eye contact with odd fellow commuters, b.) it makes the ride go by faster, and c.) it makes me less likely to nap at work or right when I get home (most of the time).
Christmas Pajamas. I get these every year. More specifically, I get THESE every year. I bought Tyler a pair (NOT from Victoria’s Secret) so he can get in on the tradition as well.
 photo 4
 Crossfit style workouts. I’m not sure what the OFFICIAL format needs to be to make it a crossfit-esque workout, but I think it fits and so does Tyler. Therefore, we are correct. I did some heavy weight tabatas earlier in the week, then there was the 4×100 workout I posted on Instagram, then there was the reverse ladder sets I did (posting that next week!). If you only KNEW how sore my glutes and abs are..But I LOVE me some soreness, means I’m working the muscles that needed working the most! 
 photo 5
All the while, my dogs have been lazy turds. Layla is seriously turning into a fat little porkchop because the temps have really limited her outdoor time. Reggie, on the other hand is always a little turd. His most recent victims were a tube of chap stick and a bag of sesame bagels. Gross little a-hole. But cute.
 photo 1
GREEN SMOOTHIES CAME BACK. I was doing cereal in the morning, but it was starting to wreak havoc on my digestion (and carb intake), so I decided to suck it up buttercup and revert back to the cold breakfast during the cold weather. Staples in the smoothie are: unsweetened almond milk, ice, spinach, chocolate protein powder. Rotating fruit add-ins: blackberries, pears, apples, raspberries. So far, it has really helped. My energy level is up, I have been sleeping like a BABE, and I feel better in the evenings when I workout. Oh, and my GREEN smoothies aren’t really all that GREEN.
photo 2
Can’t wait to share my latests [PRESENTS] with you next week!!
PS: The winner of the OMG’s Candy giveaway is.. Fiona! Congrats! Email me your mailing address and the people at OMG’s will send your case!! My email is jennifer(dot)L(dot)Linton(at)gmail(dot)com.
Pssssst, guess what? I have ANOTHER giveaway for US and Canadian residents that will be posted this weekend!!! Don’t forget to check it out and enter to win!! 

3 thoughts on “Latests 12/20 {& Giveaway Winner!}

  1. Yay I’m happy you like the spaghetti squash casserole! Ours was somewhat watery the first time we tried it, but the second time we did make sure to pat it down like you said, and it wasn’t as bad. I should probably add that to my post. 🙂

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