Well…shit. Another recap. I’m hypocritting to the max this week.

This one is just a general ‘Shit that I did this year that stands out in my mind’ recap. Surely that’s ok, especially for some newer readers who probably never bothered to shuffle through old posts. Because let’s face it, my blog isn’t interesting enough to really do that.

Without futher ado to my readers both old and new (1. Shit, I’m a great poet. 2. I’m saying ‘shit’ a lot in this post), here’s all the shit I remember from this year- and liked:

Going home to NY and seeing Ashley and Athena. And drinking a lot.


(picture taken from Athena’s recap of that weekend, which can be read here)

Getting my Permanent Residency in Canada. (originally posted here)


Going to Seattle and visiting my BFF. And drinking a lot. (originally posted here)


Celebrating our Anniversary. (originally posted here and obviously I suck and didn’t get a picture of us together!)


Getting Reggie. (same post)


Our Wedding. And drinking a lot. (recap here)


Getting my first job in Canada. (announced here)

Quitting my first jon in Canada and starting my second job in Canada a week later. (announced here)

Getting my first new car! (originally posted here)


Going to Las Vegas to visit fam. And drinking a lot. (originally posted here)


So there you have it. Some of my favorite things from 2013. Sorry that was boring.

In the comments: What was your most memorable thing form 2013?