Winesday Wednesday

Hey friends!


PS: I call a lot of people everyday at work and depending on the province, they’ll answer the phone “Hello, Bonjour” and it ALWAYS reminds me of ^this part of Beauty and the Beast. And I usually reply:


Happy Winesday Wednesday! I was super bad last week and didn’t post (ok, who REALLY cares??!) because I felt like ish and ended up drinking a few margaritas and watching the Discovery Channel. Because apparently that helps.

ALSO–> While I was sipping said margaritas, I noticed from our front patio that there were a lot of marked and unmarked police cars in my neighbours driveway. The officers were all pretty chill, but they were taking a ton of pictures of the house and going in and around it quite a bit. I was super nosey and NEEDED to know what happened. THEN, the next day I saw online that there was a huge bust from several locations around Calgary and one was supposedly in my neighborhood. HMMMMM….

A quick round-up:

  • If you missed it, check out my latest favorite homemade margarita recipe. (LOTS of these were made this past weekend at a Cinco de Mayo party. YUM. PS: I had my stylist ombre my hair this weekend. I liked it when she styled it… HATED it when I got home. Going back later this week to add to it so I don’t have so much anxiety about it. And YES I have been having major anxiety about hair color that no one at work has even noticed.
  • Whenever Calgary decides to not have snow, I really want to make these Cherry Beer-garita popsicles. For you lucky folks with nice weather already, let me know how this taste while you sunbathe.
  • I always love a quirky Jezebel article. Especially when the topic is alcohol. Cider is Fucking Awesome. End of Story.


Also, I’m becoming a HUGE fan of brunch. And well…. I NEED ONE (OR BOTH) OF THESE:



I need to buy a buttload of prosecco and keep it chilled because every Saturday I wake up and NEED a damn mimosa. Or four.


Michael sent in this gem last week: It is the first Trappist brewery in the US and happens to be in Spencer, Massachusetts. It was really good — spicy, hints of clove, banana-y. I would definitely have it again if I can get my hands on some.


Sounds like a local beer I’ve had here in Calgary! But I’d really like to try this 🙂

Anyone ever see this movie?


Ok, time for bed. Night!