Winesday Wednesday

Hey friends!


PS: I call a lot of people everyday at work and depending on the province, they’ll answer the phone “Hello, Bonjour” and it ALWAYS reminds me of ^this part of Beauty and the Beast. And I usually reply:


Happy Winesday Wednesday! I was super bad last week and didn’t post (ok, who REALLY cares??!) because I felt like ish and ended up drinking a few margaritas and watching the Discovery Channel. Because apparently that helps.

ALSO–> While I was sipping said margaritas, I noticed from our front patio that there were a lot of marked and unmarked police cars in my neighbours driveway. The officers were all pretty chill, but they were taking a ton of pictures of the house and going in and around it quite a bit. I was super nosey and NEEDED to know what happened. THEN, the next day I saw online that there was a huge bust from several locations around Calgary and one was supposedly in my neighborhood. HMMMMM….

A quick round-up:

  • If you missed it, check out my latest favorite homemade margarita recipe. (LOTS of these were made this past weekend at a Cinco de Mayo party. YUM. PS: I had my stylist ombre my hair this weekend. I liked it when she styled it… HATED it when I got home. Going back later this week to add to it so I don’t have so much anxiety about it. And YES I have been having major anxiety about hair color that no one at work has even noticed.
  • Whenever Calgary decides to not have snow, I really want to make these Cherry Beer-garita popsicles. For you lucky folks with nice weather already, let me know how this taste while you sunbathe.
  • I always love a quirky Jezebel article. Especially when the topic is alcohol. Cider is Fucking Awesome. End of Story.


Also, I’m becoming a HUGE fan of brunch. And well…. I NEED ONE (OR BOTH) OF THESE:



I need to buy a buttload of prosecco and keep it chilled because every Saturday I wake up and NEED a damn mimosa. Or four.


Michael sent in this gem last week: It is the first Trappist brewery in the US and happens to be in Spencer, Massachusetts. It was really good — spicy, hints of clove, banana-y. I would definitely have it again if I can get my hands on some.


Sounds like a local beer I’ve had here in Calgary! But I’d really like to try this 🙂

Anyone ever see this movie?


Ok, time for bed. Night!

5 thoughts on “Winesday Wednesday

  1. Ok, so the guys have been trained not to notice hair colour. So you can’t fault them for not noticing. But the other women? Come in with it bright flaming red (you have the personality for it) and see if they notice THEN.

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