I am way better at posting random stuff.

I am obsessed with this song:

The downer is that I watched the video and it sorta ruined it for me. I hate when music videos do that.

I am also really loving this song:

But umm, that video? WHACK. And I can’t find it on iTunes. What the junk?!

Ok, so a few weeks ago, I was listening to one of the popular radio stations and someone had called in and the convo went like this:


DJ: No, sorry


BAhahaha I could not stop laughing. (get it, like the song?) haha, witty comeback radio caller, witty comeback.


The other day, our head office sent out a dress code reminder. Of course everything is aimed towards women. You know, because GOD FORBID we wear anything that could distract the MEN. Dumb men.

Anyways, we aren’t allowed to wear dresses that are more than 4 inches above our knees. CALLING ALL TALL PEOPLE: do you not agree with me that it’s near impossible to find those? I should also mention, the reminder also mentioned we aren’t allowed to wear long dresses. Umm ok……so I’m confused. Guess I’ll just pull an Ariel



I have been drinking chocolate milk like you wouldn’t believe. It’s been my breakfast every morning for the past month or so and I just can’t get enough. Nom nom nom


I watched Austenland this week and I’m pretty sure if I were still single I would do the same thing as Keri Russell. I LOVE me some Mr. Darcy.


I hate that most athletic shorts have built in undies. MY BUTT IS BIGGER THAN THE UNDIES. Then there’s VPL and that’s no bueno. Don’t worry, I won’t post a pic of that. Let’s all take a second and shudder at the thought of that image.

Ok, that’s it for now.

3 thoughts on “Random

  1. They keep talking about the way women dress that distracts guys. Especially in school. Umm, HELLO??! For high school guys, it’s distracting just knowing a girl is there, or could be there, regardless of what she is wearing. A girl breathing is distracting. These people that make up dress codes are admitting they are little boys, not men. They want to blame someone else for their own lack of self control. I could rant on, I really could.

  2. Adding to what Keith put there, I listen to talk radio (I’m so old…) and they had the students come up with rules for the dress code and I was like “Well, how can they even put rules for the guys, guys always wear ‘proper’ clothes as they don’t have sexy bits to display” but then they added no profanities and things about logos so they could be a little harder on the guys. I would have laughed out loud too at the “Turned down for what?” comment. That’s awesome.

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