Photo on 2014-07-02 at 8.24 PM

Look how alert and excited I am.


I’m exhausted. Earned myself a sunburn yesterday taking the pups for a walk. Is it just me or do sunburns make you infinitely more tired then you already are? Work today was a bit stressful and I somehow managed to squeeze in an hour on the stair climber during my lunch, take the dogs for another 3.5 miler after dinner and now I’m taking a breather before busting through tonight’s T25 workout.

I sound bummed but I’m totally not. I love expending my energy! Although, my right knee has been bugging me a bit..

Things lately:

…I bought a bikini! Totally didn’t mean to- I originally went out on a mission to buy end tables, but somehow found myself in a suit shop and actually liking what I was trying on. $113 later (ugh, that makes me sick but I LOVE this suit!)

photo 1-13

…I ran downtown! I hadn’t yet ventured outside for my lunch time workouts, but decided to last week since the weather was PERFECT. I think I ate about 3 dozen bugs though. I did manage to run those stairs 3 times in a row before heading back to the office and proceeding to sweat at the desk the rest of the afternoon (each set was 165 steps!)

photo 2-11

…I have been listening to music when I get ready in the morning. That’s not super exiting; I used to all the time when I lived in Boston, but after a 17 month working hiatus after moving to Canada, I kind of forgot how jazzed up it got me. Even on Monday mornings. My favorite songs lately:

We Are One- Pitbull

Wiggle- Jason Derulo (omg why do I love this song so much?!! I have been singing it non stop around the house and I’m confident my neighbors have heard me yell out “You know what to do with that big fat butt”)

…drank wine! DUH. The one of the right is my new fave- it is SO smooth. Our liquor store has it on sale this week and I’ve already gone back to get a couple extra bottles.

photo 3-10

…celebrated Canada Day! Layla was way more enthused, you just can’t tell.

photo 5-6

…baked a cake! I know I only have a week until my mom gets here to bake my birthday cake, but I had it on my mind so it had to be done. And I didn’t even wait for it to cool 5 minutes before cutting out a chunk and slathering it with icing.


I was cleaning out the closet not too long ago and found my beloved heels. And you know what? I haven’t worn them in SO LONG they’ve managed to collect about an inch of dust. Tear. Note to self: go out dancing with those puppies soon.


…the Stampede starts this week! I have my cowboy boots out and ready. I have to pay homage to the Stampede since it’s how I met Tyler (everyone in Calgary snickers when I tell them that’s how I met my husband because it’s better known as a big drunk fest. Which it was when I met him. But I managed to stay sober and cute enough to get him to call me. Win)


And this is how I’ll leave you:


2 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. I know those steps. Oh yes. I nearly sympathy puked once watching a girls rugby team training on them. They hopped up the steps. One course on one leg, the next course on the other leg. Then down, then up. I pitied the fool that would ever try to treat one of them bad. Just imagine how much more that suit would cost if it had been smaller!

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