That Sh*t Cray

Oh hey there.

What have you been up to? I’ve been doing a lot AND nothing at all lately.

The weeks have been FLYING by- work has been crazy busy and I’ve been cramming my weekdays to basically look like this: work; workout at lunch; work; dinner; walk dogs; do T25 workout; sleep. And lots of house stuff mixed in between. T minus a couple weeks before we have a full house and we are still aiming at finishing the kitchen! That shit cray.



Photo on 2014-06-23 at 8.03 PM

See that? It’s a real bed. With sheets and pillows and fancy guest towels. Come and stay at my house, I now have a place for you to stay. And yes, that is me RIGHT.NOW. See how wiped I look? That’s the norm now. I actually ran out of makeup a little over a month ago and haven’t bothered to replenish my stash. It’s pretty much some stale (is that what you call it?) mascara and a bit of a highlighter pencil.

You know what other grown up things I’ve been doing? Weed whacking. And mowing. I felt pretty damn badass tackling our jungle of a neglected backyard yesterday until I had a small realization that there was a strong chance it wasn’t just bits of grass pelting into my face and that there might’ve been poop in there too since I haven’t picked any up in a while.

Run on sentence for the win.

And then: I cut contact paper for the kitchen shelves and drawers.

To counter all this adultness, I’ve been randomly breaking into song and dance about butts and playing with the dogs.


(ugh. I just googled ‘balance’ on the off-chance of inserting a funny balance meme and google images showed me a penis. I don’t get it)

Thinking of trying T25? I recommend it. Why? Because I have been drinking beer and doing these workout and bam: abs. Insert shameless abbie (selfie of my abs?) here. I made sure not to use the one that had a serious headlight issue, if you know what I mean.

photo 1-12

Can we talk about how awesome and diverse Netflix is? Last week, I was on a serious binge of lesbionic Orange Is The New Black, then watched Craigslist Joe and followed it up with a docu-series on Russell Peters. What the what? I like it. I feel so cultured.

My dogs are good if you were wondering. Layla has lost a ton of weight. But she still refuses to eat her breakfast unless you sprinkle cheerios over her food. I took them for a 4.5 mile walk around the community this weekend, only to return to a locked house and no one home. So I took them through the back gate and sat in the pool with Layla for a bit. Then followed her to the patio to dry off.

photo 3-9

I am obsessed with these two songs lately. They’re on repeat until my ears bleed.

I really want to get a group of friends together and dress and dance just like that. ^ I’m not even close to joking.

I had a smoothie with cauliflower in it. Yup, do it. So good.

Guess what? It’s 2 weeks until my birthday! I probably won’t have a party, but I definitely think cake will be had for breakfast. Oh my god I’m going to be so old. Almost 30 and my major claim to fame is moving to Canada. Must do more life-changing things, stat.

4 thoughts on “That Sh*t Cray

  1. I think you should post some renovation pictures! Can’t wait to see what the kitchen looks like. And isn’t being an adult fun? Re: the weed wacking/dog poop comment- I actually thought that when you posted that picture on Instagram. I was like how the heck does she pick up the poop with that long grass/weeds?!

  2. I’m obsessed with my day is complete if I turn from listening to it on one station and it’s on another station..THE BEST!!!!!!!

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