Hey friends! How are things going for you so far this holiday season?? Who’s done with holiday shopping? (If you are, shame on you overachiever!. Also, I’m jealous)

Anyways, just popping in today to share with you a pretty neat site, Minted– an online stationary store powered by a global community of designers. The people from Minted got in touch with me and wanted to see if I’d like to explore their entirely new families of products (what? not just stationary you say? Exactly. How cool is that?!) So of course, I checked out the site to see what they had to offer.

Sidenote: Baby L is making his debut in 4 months and I’ve been scouring online shops to find a good assortment of prints/art to hang in the nursery.

Sidenote #2: Minted just so happens to offer a variety of Nursery Wall Art that is right up my alley!

Here are some of my favorites from the Nursery Wall Art section:



Animal World Map limited edition art print by Jessie Steury


Play All Day, Sleep All Night by Lisa Nelson


We will Rock You by Tami Bohn


Squirrel House limited edition art print by Krista Messer

There are so many options even just within this category! You can have them customized to include your child’s name, color preference, etc.

Ok, so once I was done ogling over all the art I want to buy for the baby’s room, I decided to head on over to the holiday section to sneak a peak at some holiday cards. (After briefly passing by home decor, FABRICS, gift wrap, the list goes ON!)

*IF* I were to send out cards this year, I would totally opt for these: ornament cards! What a neat idea- those who celebrate Christmas can hang it on their tree, and those who don’t can include it in their holiday card holder collection. Better yet, you can choose the backing (photo vs no photo)

ornament ornament2

Tis The Season Chalkboard Holiday Ornament Cards

Well that didn’t take long to find the one I want. If you’re interesting in browsing other types of holiday cards, postcards, photo cards or ornament cards check out this page.

Ok, brain just went back to baby things. On to birth announcements! Some that I like:






I have to stop now because I think I could just about share every template they have to offer. And I just noticed they also do calendars and baby books. Dying.

Have you ever used Minted? What did you get? Please excuse me while I go back and choose another 350927352 prints I want for the baby room….


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