Week 1

I survived the first week of being a mom. It was actually pretty easy compared to what I thought it would be!

So far, I’ve:

  • only cried once (Day 1 home- he was crying on the change table and I just didn’t know what to do!!!)
  • spent 2 nights on the nursery floor while he went from crying to sleeping to fussing non-stop
  • took a bath AND shower everyday
  • had a splash of Bailey’s in my coffee
  • took Wes for this first follow-up appointment
  • took Wes for his first walk around the neighborhood
  • went out 2 times to get him more sleepers and newborn diapers (this boy does NOT like to be swaddled! We found out he does best in a sleeper and a light swaddle from the waist down)
  • gone with Tyler to the garden center to get supplies for the backyard project he and my dad are currently working on (levelling the yard, sodding, putting in a raised garden bed and steps to the back gate)
  • went to Costco

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

We have another follow-up appointment today for both Wes and I and I’m pretty sure we will both pass with flying colors. Wes is a feeding CHAMP- which in turn makes him a diaper CHAMP. He’s also getting more and more handsome everyday. My recovery is pretty good too- I won’t go into details (because they’re gross) but I am feeling awesome…awesome enough to want to ease back into some activity…but I’ll listen to whatever the doctor advises!

Having my parents here has been a total game changer. They have helped out SO MUCH and Tyler and I are both so grateful for their help. I’m not sure which I love my mom more for- her taking Wes in the early morning hours so I can get a bit of shut-eye OR her making ALL.THE.FOODS. My dad has been super great as well- getting a ton of our home projects off our plate and running most all of our errands.

I also just want to mention how AWESOME Tyler has been since Wes got here. He is a total natural- even the nurse said so! I know it’s cliche to say, but I love him more now that I’ve seen him with Wes. It’s cool. Like really, really cool. AND yesterday was our 3 year anniversary! We are going to try to celebrate this weekend by having dinner at a nearby restaurant. 🙂

PS: both dogs have adjusted well to the new baby in the house. Reggie actually seems to not care at all and Layla is his sidekick/bodyguard/babysitter. She has not left his side the entire week. I was nervous that they wouldn’t mesh well, but their barking doesn’t even phase Wes. PHEW.

PPS: Boppy pillows are amazing. I should have bought one sooner because they are great snack shelves.